Why gicheru was murdered speaking when he needs to shut up

Ruto’s lawyer during the ICC case Paul Gisheru has revealed that he (Ruto) was behind the murder of Mutula Kilonzo .

According to Gicheru,kilonzo had been interviewed by the ICC team and named ruto as the man behind the murder, rape and forceful evictions in Riftvalley in 2007/2008.

In the interview, Mutula expressed shock at the brutality levelled upon Kikuyus, Kambas and Kisiis in Riftvalley region.

Mutula kilonzo was to give and table more evidence before the judges at the ICC but was poisoned and killed before he could do so,only for his death to be blamed on Viagra overdose.

Before he was killed, Mutula,who was the makueni Senator had told a journalist that he had a big story he wouldn’t share yet because of its consequences.

Ruto’s former lawyer, Gisheru surrendered himself to the ICC early this week where he has been giving evidence of Ruto’s involvement in the death of Mutula kilonzo,Meshack Yebei and several other key ICC witnesses in Ruto’s case some of whom disappeared mysteriously without trace leading to the collapse of his case and his subsequent acquital at the ICC.

It’s believed the same man who killed Mutula Kilonzo and Meshack Yebei is the same man who killed Jacob Juma and Chris Msando

The ghosts of Mutula kilonzo, Meshack Yebei and Kiamba church victims among thousands of others who either died, suffered injuries or lost their land and other properties during the 2007/2008 tribal violence have refused to go away!!!


Meffi conspiracy theories

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