Why don't young Kenyan ladies go to night clubs?

If you have been to any decent night clubs such those found around Kilimani and westlands, you will have noticed that 90% of the ladies around look over 25 and actually a good chunk of them are in their 30s.

Why aren’t there campus aged ladies in these clubs? I know most have an age restriction but it’s mostly applied on young men. Any decently dressed young woman will get through.

Just go check the instagram pages for kiza and blackeyz if you want to see what am talking about.

According to my rough research, most ladies say Kenyan men are too horny and aggressive in clubs hence a young lady would not feel safe coming alone not to mention a accepting drink offers(unless she is a lanye). And that is why only men and ladies who are old enough to cater for themselves dominate these clubs.

Also, transport in Nairobi at night is damn expensive since there are no tuktuk and boda bodas like those found in Mombasa, Arusha and Kampala, e.t.c

Last but not least Nairobi is damn insecure.

Kenyans need to focus on solving these issues to enable young women to enjoy themselves like their older counterparts and life will be happier for everyone

Pesa watoe wapi?

In many countries, ladies don’t have to buy beer and it is socially acceptable to accept beer offers from the gentlemen in the club without looking like a lanye… how did Kenya miss out on this trend?

They can’t afford. Besides the flashy looks, ana soo nne kwa handbag.

Young Kenyan ladies of today are out with moneyed married sponsors who do not frequent night clubs.

Agree, which is fun for the sponsors but not as much fun for the young lady who should be dancing away in the night at that prime age

Cultural believes and religion

College girls do not go clubbing these days? Really?

Population Growth and social economic factors.

Sakwa… hiyo sahau kabisa. They are out hunting down RICH married sponsors. There is a new generation of home wreckers. I won’t say all of them…but the majority are ‘kept’ women. They can have 3 or 4 men on a trot.

And this applies to our Uni students too.

If Duke of Busia was still around this cesspool we could have asked him atupe update as he is a DJ.

This has always been the case.Hata wewe in your younger days am sure you used to hang out at clubs in the CBD.
Ukitaka college girls enda clubs za CBD akina Avenida,64,City Space etc etc utawapata wengi.

They are chasing moneyed wazees while you fool are just chasing poosy. Know your lanes.

This must make you feel awesome since you are in your 40s hehe…

The conundrum for me am fairly young and moneyed, so I don’t want to hang out in those shitty CBD clubs and I don’t want to hang out with cougars at Kiza… so I guess I my only option is to bring my own young ladies to the night clubs I go to, which is what I have been doing anyway.

I am treating and ferking your young gal while you are busy dancing in clubs. I danced away decades ago. I just wanna play with those sweet girls of yours for now. Of course at a fee. And they really like it.

Good for you man, though, at your mid-40s you should be used to pussy and not be bragging about it. that is the problem with old men who start getting access to pussy too late and now they think it’s some novel thing.

Young Kenyan ladies (18-24) still club like crazy. However, you obviously don’t expect them to go clubbing in Westlands and other “high end” areas. If you want that age group, enda the big clubs near institutions. For example, Laviva is not a high end club and I never even go there. Lakini it neighbors NIBS, Zetech, K.U main and Ruiru Campus, and JKUAT haiko mbali sana. Such a club overflows with the young girls every Friday and Sato night because it is convenient and centrally located. Same thing for Avenida on Moi Avenue. Young girls still club, you just don’t know where to find them. You won’t find them at KIZA or Milan. They use matatus, not ubers or personal vehicles. Students are normally broke, so you wouldn’t expect to find them in “expensive” clubs.

Laviva is a fairly okay club though sijawahi pitia weekend… will check it out

Umechoka mapema sana. At 80 bado I will still be thinking it is a novel thing.

[FONT=georgia][SIZE=5]Pombe Sigara naweza wacha bila kung’ang’ana lakini hawa wasichana vile nawapeenda…[/SIZE][/FONT]

64 night club got ugly bitches ever looks gangstrs chicks