Why don't women procure commercial sex services

One Saturday I was out with a friend at a beach front hotel. We arrived for lunch and spent the whole afternoon and the evening there. This was in a resort town. Where the primary industry is prostitution. Sometimes there was such an influx of white tourists that it felt like they were more than the blacks. So anyway, towards sunset an elderly man with a hunched back came back from the sea, probably going back to his room followed by two children, girls, 12 yo at most, with the frilly dresses. I suddenly felt extremely alarmed as the reality of what was transporting right in front of my eyes dawned on me. I was livid. I excused myself and went to look for the owner of the hotel. An Italian woman. I was a regular so she knew me. Anytime I had guests from out of town I would bring them there. She had a parrot that spoke only Italian and some lovely dogs. Anyway I sternly asked her to retrieve the children with the geezer from his room before anything happened to them else I will call the police over. Obviously not wanting Kenyan police anywhere near her business, she herself went to the room. Don’t even ask me how she knew what room it was and exited with the kids. They went back to the sea front to wait for another pedophile probably.

I was in a terrible mood already so I asked my companion that we go walk on the beach. It helped me calm down. I could see black boys and girls running after white tourists trying to sell them wares or just talk to them. It was really a sinking feeling that all black people who were there were trying to hustle the white guys instead of just enjoying themselves in their own country.

The tide came in and we went back to eat dinner. So as we were chilling out, waiting for our dinner, sipping on our drinks, a group of 4 middle aged white women walk in each holding hands with a black tall guy with long dreads and very well built. They went to the rooms and they all sat on the terrace facing us but we were abit far, right next to the sea.

So they started kissing and rubbing up against each other. So my companion and I were just looking at them and making faces.Then they asked me, kwani hii ni group activity? Like get a room y’all.

So we had dinner and left for home at around 10pm.We left them getting randier and randier. So later I was just thinking, could I pay someone for sex and I was like I think the idea of paying someone to have sex with you is just so desperate and unnatural and exploitative that it’s not arouse me, in fact it would kill my libido completely.

At the Coast, prostitution is the preferred go to career. Like being a doctor or an engineer. Coastal people are very brilliant but they drop out of school at very high rates. I knew of black male prostitutes who had had lovely fling with an older mzungu woman or even young ones and the men had fallen in love with the white woman and thought she’d take him back to Europe after showing him the time of his life, only to completely fall off the radar and the guy was back to scratch with a broken heart.

I think with time whites have wised up to the fact that blacks posing as lovers are actually after their money. They have therefore perfected the art of living large for a month or so pretending to be madly in love then going back to Europe like nothing happened after enjoying their holiday thoroughly thanks to the beach boys and gigolos. Many times these women even got the boys hooked on free heroine. I had a neighbor who lost his job because he declined the advances of his white female boss. It was terrible because the job was pretty good.

I think older white women and even younger ones see nothing wrong with renting a young guy for a companion for their holiday. Probably they never think of it as prostitution. I have seen the boys who really fall in love with these women and get heartbroken after they leave. So I understand that prostitution hurts even male prostitutes. They feel exploited and used because I guess it’s hard for men to imagine that women can be as treacherous as men are. White women however especially those who go on safari alot are very cunning, they’re more cunning than even the white male sex tourists.

Its very tragic to say the least, I guess even the beach Boys know what we all know even though they may not be able to enunciate it. That nobody wants to be used especially for sex and pretend romance for good holiday memories.

I have really tried to think about it, it seems very inhumane so to speak. To find a poor person in need of some money and then pay them to be a kind of a boyfriend and fuck buddy for a month and then jet on home and choke it up to an exhilarating safari in Africa. I really don’t know how people do it especially the women. Men are capable of alot of stuff but the female consumers of commercial sex are just baffling to me. I can’t for the life of me understand how a woman can be that cold and cut throat.

Wewe hii upuzi ya kuona movie then kuja kuandika ujinga na composition uache, who will believe this novel bullshit

This stuff has been going on for decades. Happens in many 3rd world countries. Most mzungu sex tourists are pedophiles. They come looking for specifically for kids. And unfortunately the internet really helps them. They can narrow down their search to within a km in less than 5 minutes.
Poverty will continue to haunt us. Unfortunately the African man needs to really educate himself.


I think the point I wanted to make is that since we are in a patriarchal society that has legitimized the commodification of sex, white women have adopted that mindset as a sign of superiority. That if they can objectify, fetishize and commodify black, virile, young men with dreadlocks use them for a month safari fly back and never look back or habor guilt for exploiting them, then they too are alphas. In a matriarchal society, prostitution would cease to exist. Women should not adopt negative traits prevalent in men. Only good traits. Thankfully these women are a very minute percentage of sex tourists visiting our country and thankfully they do not abuse children.