why don't we borrow from local banks?





Who told you that no loans were being taken from local banks?


@Micymas its wrong. When government borrows from local banks the citizens will have nowhere to get credit. That will expose the citizens to debt traps by exploitative foreign mobile loan apps, and local kikuyu shylocks

what if those foreign nations also used your flawed logic, why don’t they also from foreign banks like the ones in Kenya? Do you have the faintest understanding of economics??

You surprise me:D:D:D

we ni nongwe sana, those monkey economics only work in Kenya. Otherwise, show me any other country ever where you have ever heard of such a wacky argument in the history of planet earth. I would also help if you could show me links to research papers or economic theories that support this cow dung economics


Izi ni vitu za students wa campus 2nd year. Ingia website ya Central Bank kuna makaratasi mingi sana unaweza soma hapo. Jua Monetary Policy Committee humeet lini, kazi zake ni zipi, huwa inatumia tools zipi kuachieve objectives zake. Ingia website ya Kenya Bankers Association, kuna working paper mingi hapo upitie pitie.

Wewe ukiwa banker, unajua mgikuyu na tuju wanaeza kosa kulipa loan, unajua government haiwezi kosa kulipa loan, na supply ya pesa ni limited, utakopesha mgikuyu na tuju kwa 17%, enye anaeza kosa kulipa, or utakopesha government na 11%, enye uko 100% sure itarudi?

sijui @mwania alienda wapi, @Azor Ahai kuja kidogo

Kalenjin kunywa mursik ulale!

spend 6 months paying a loan alafu a nigga tells you you were just servicing the interest:D:D:D Barclays si rudi

Try to avoid loans. Izi property tunanunua hakuna mahali zinaenda. work with savings and profits.

learned my lesson