Why Don't CORRUPT Ruto Travel To Himself To Set An Example

Preaching water and drinking wine. Si yeye ajiue kwanza aonyeshe by example.

the guy is always fighting. fight mode 24/7 na hasira mingi, If i had all those money and power, I would be smiling daily, encouraging kenyans to love themselves and their country more and castrating the corrupt.

instead 1 year down the line, the guy apart from looting he has done nothing!

Konyagi already obeyed n traveled.
Wsr ako tu sawa, preparing the field for kalonzo

If you lie to yourself that because you have money and power utulie and have peace that’s your day of calamity. Ruto knows something Santa pharmacy knows .no peace in this world . If you are in fight 24/7/365 your life quality tends to be better than a satisfied peaceful ghaseeer. Even the bible discourages getting satisfied because of full barns . Sonko aliambia roho utulie na ikunywe alikufa hio siku .