Why does the entertainment sector claim so many victims?s

What makes the entertainment sector so harmful to mental health?


Was this guy ever okay in the first place?

:D:D Jamaa wasn’t even acting on that show just being himself

I guess trying to build a career in sports and entertainment is kind tricky . You start with high expectations, give it all you have, then unachapa mid 30’s bila making much out of your life.
Then reality hits you hard you ain’t gonna make it as you thought. It takes a strong willed person to start another path.

Kuna pia injili ya “you can be anything you want and never give up on your dreams”. Sometimes your dreams are expensive and you need to do other things to finance it or walk away from it if you realize you are loosing your soul to it. Hii ndio shida mimi huona na wasanii wengine. They rarely play the what if game. What if it works out? What if it doesn’t? Unapata mtu anaomoka na juu hakujipanga kimawazo a few years down the line ni pauper. Ama anazama na kwa sababu hakufikiria hawezi fail anajipata the same situation.

It’s hard sana kuka kwa hizi field for long, unless you keep on transitioning and repackaging yourself. At times politicians are met with the same fate

acting na singing yafaa ikuwe hobby kama haileti pesa mzuri na kama ulikunywa pesa yote kama Omosh,Lolani kalu, Papa shaq usikuje kutusumbua

What happened to Papa Shaq.

ako sawa , he just accepted himself and now he is doing better. boyz mpoa

I am sure Omosh would land a job in a learning institution. Not as a teacher of course but as a kind of support staff


Whats happening btn Mr&Mrs Guardian Angel and Omosh