Why does society sanitize women having low standards in dating and marriage?

Guys tell me. If a young man, an heir say 25 with no kids, went to Lamu and fell in love with a 55 yo woman with nothing to her name from poor family except several kids with different men, who she has abandoned. In less than a year of meeting her the young man wiles his days away with the 55 year old woman drinking and in carousel during a pandemic in a very unsafe terrorist prone area only for the man to die under unnatural and unclear circumstances. Would we be saying, as long as he was happy oh they were in love. Her pussy was sweet that’s why he left young women and went to the mama. Blah blah. Or we would be insulting the woman Malaya, single mother amemaliza boychild, gold digger, muuwaji, dead beat grandma. Vile Diana ametusiwa for being 7 years older than Bahati but no one talking about the fact that Bahati was a single dad when they met.

Women let’s love ourselves how men love themselves and will never settle for less. Ask yourself would the man you are fly to Lamu to see during a global pandemic and in a terror attack prone region do the same for you if you were old, broke, a single mother of 6 and a deadbeat mom who has done nothing with her life but parte after parte. Kama haitoshi mboga if the situation was reversed Bas your standards are too low.

WWomen let us stop letting men misuse us in the name of doshi poa or good sex or so called love. Love ni nini? Hadi unaslimu na unaanza kutafutia jamaa zake job in your mom’s company. Let’s say no to kutumiwa vibaya na wanaume tukidanganywa na mapenzi ya peni mbili. When you are being taken advantage of, of course who wouldn’t be angelic and sweet to someone who flies them out of the country, houses them, gives them free food and sex? Kumbukeni marehemu mama Lucy Kibaki, she told women to stop being stupid in giving out freebies but to learn how to kua mkono gum like men who never let people take advantage of them in the name of love. RIP Tecra Muigai. Ladies mzazi akikwambia achana na mwanaume wacha. Feelings come and go but family is forever. Let us stop being desperate ladies.