Why does cheating drive people crazy

I’ve just seen a woman who has trashed a guy’s house so badly then I remember Makenas Benz was vandalized by her lesbian lover for cheating. And we know of men who have killed women of just suspicion before they have evidence. I think that the last case I recall was of a prison warden from Malindi GK prison who killed his gf by bludgeoning her with a claw hammer. I once came across some thugs with a pistol and a hammer what terrified me was the hammer. You can imagine being hit with a hammer until you are dead.

I can’t say I’ve experienced cheating I think either I am not very observant or I was with people who were great in concealing the vice. Either way, I don’t understand why such extreme anger coz it’s as if people get possessed when they find their partners cheating.

These people are just too idealistic about rships so they place the partner in a pedistal and when they fall short, it’s too much and they can’t take the disappointment. It’s like simultaneous combustion. Like Ebola or a flesh eating bacteria. Insanity. Maybe it’s just me who is a don’t care. I am jaded. You cheat if that’s what you want but don’t expect too much from me after the fact but I certainly will not chop you up into pieces or shit in your bed. The devil is real. LOL. A grown ass woman will take a dump in your bed bcz she’s mad at you for cheating.

Ive been on the other side. Complete with stalking and death threats. Wah! Hell hath no fury than a lover scorned. Stay away from possesive people. They will not hesitate to finish you. Poison you. Burn you. Not even the fear of jail will stop them.

If your person cheats on you, the best revenge is not reacting. Just cold. Too much passion makes them feel too important. Just switch off. Stop having sex with them. Act like you are single again but for the love of God don’t go out and sleep with anyone who has ever wanted to sleep with you. You will end up feeling worse…

Possessive people are very dangerous. I know this from experience. They are passionate and very loving but they are the worst. Avoid someone who monitors you too much, is too clingy and too demanding. It seems very romantic but it’s a mental illness that italipuka. Passionate people are dangerous afadhali the one who does not appear to be too much in love with you bcz that excess love turns into molten lava strength hatred. I know cheating is inevitable for most people but the sake of your life, don’t cheat on a possessive person. Break up with them first. Bure you will die like a chicken. Just start acting up and become insufferable so that they can leave you but please don’t go out and cheat coz you will surely die. The vindictiveness is on overdrive.




The world is crazy

The answer is in 1st corinthians 6:18 onwards. I know most of us are not superstitious but I have come to start believing the bible, when two people have sex their spirits become connected. Their wars are no longer become physical but spiritual. The spirits are in operation somewhere. Ever wondered why prostitutes look miserable even those who make lots cash- they carry spirits from countless men.

Occultists seem to agree so there is a universal truth that cuts across… So basically there’s a kind of demon that enters the other person to defend the union ama? What I know is that even in Christianity I know that if you cheat with some one’s husband you can die bcz spiritually you are antagonizing spirits. I know of pastor whose wife was stolen by another man, he bcm very depressed almost dying. He was really praying to get back to the wife bcz in Christian life marriage after divorce is adultery. I’m telling you that other man died of cancer in a very short period of time. It just came quick and finished him. The other thing though is that there’s people who use witchcraft to lure pples spouses. So atyms the cheating is even beyond hus/her control. So if you don’t handle it spiritually, you could get possessed by s spirit of murder, depression or suicide.

What I mean a human being is made up of 3 components: body, mind and soul. The body is flesh, the mind is your brain and thinking and the soul is the invisible spiritual part. It’s said when somebody dies the body and mind dies but his soul lives on. In African tradition this soul becomes a ghost and time to time comes to visit the living. In Christianity the soul goes to heaven or hell.
Back to the point, when people have sex they think only the body and mind connect, forgetting souls also connect.