Why do you Fuck Hoes they Ask???

One reason why some men prefer hoes is there is no drama later on whatsover? Jealous ex among others such as you slapped me at 3 am in the morning when i came home drunk without panties while smelling semen…of course they never mention the last part…Now George Thuku barely a mnth after being employed jealous Exes are coming for his neck supported by like-minded Carpotes

Sunguch na zabibu. If she indeed under went GBV in that guy’s hands she should produce OBs and let the law take its course. Why try bringing him down on social media ??

I hope she reported the multiple times she was assaulted. Kama she didnt, that guy should sue her for defamation.

Wanaume huwa tunaona mengi and at the end of it all emerge victorious.

Hakuna kitu kama gender based violence.

It’s only assault.

personally I find it tiresome to katia a bitch yet at the end of the day, she wants me to spend so that i hit. why not just go to a professional?

On this same forum, there is a thread on that Oliver guy where Talkers are praising him for the exposures. So here we are …guys don’t want us to know how violent this man is. Sigh and sigh again.
There are 3 categories of men to be avoided at all costs. Murderers, rapists, violent men.

you seem to have a firmgrasp of the obvious.

cheapest kuma no strings attached no babies no std coz condom is always used

dem ako hapa anaringa and im the guy who fucks hoes,and i do it so good, we exchange numbers and they always hope for freebies. i am the santa of big dxck lol

Sikuelewi…nifanunilie. A slow Wednesday for me.

lol you shaaady shaaaady
when you seem to have a firm grasp of the obvious,it means that you’re slow and you gott’sa keep up, dummy