Why do you accept Jewish creation story but reject your own community's creation story?

Theists, karibuni mnipe the screening process you follow when you sift through creation stories and declare the Jewish one truthful and the African ones fiction. From my perspective, the Jewish creation story is just as dubious as any African creation story. Is it because the Jewish one comes in a printed book and the African ones are passed down through oral tradition? I agree written sources are always more reliable than verbal sources, but African traditional societies mainly passed down their culture through oral tradition so we cannot dismiss them as untrue simply because they did not write. Anyway, mbarikiwe.

It’s because Africans believe anything that comes from someone with lighter complexion is superior. Wafrika wanajidharau.

Because this was done by design to make us forget who we are, lose our true identity. Being the gullible people that we are, we bought it all; hook, line and sinker

Melanin tings:D

Why are all creation stories different from each other? Does it mean that most people couldn’t remember how they came on this planet?

They are just different ways of looking at God’s world. I don’t think these stories collide but are different ways of looking at the same truths.