Why do women intentionally leave their DNA in your house?

She can come to your house when she is fully aware that she is on her menses and leave her blood on your beddings. Others leave their dirty underwear in your house. Others make sure they comb their hair and leave hair around. Others just want you to make them pregnant. Why?!!!

Because they are WOMEN…

Kwani hufanyi hivyo ukienda kupumuliwa kisogo na @Jura

Wacha hiyo, mwingine, an Arab, left hairs in the bathroom drain… when my main came akaniuliza hizo nywele refu refu zilitoka wapi I was equally astounded… quickly said my live-in niece used my bathroom when her insta-heater failed

Ghai…menses on your beddings? how now? dirty underwear? kiaje?

Baluya unasumbua

“Why.,” @ChifuMbitika asks
Yeah, why., i seem to query this observation by the ‘Village Commissioner’ this (new fangled…?!) conjecture that has never, at any one time, clouded my “think department” effectively ensconced in the uppermost section of an anatomical set up that’s me, myself & I., and well, “do they…?” I mean them women, coz in those select moments of pleasurable interludes with these ‘daughters of Jezebel’ my being, in its entirety., backed by my “for that explicit momento 1-dimentional mind” am usually focused on the “before-&-after” moments with the given right-side rib, sent to man’s., yes, “wide, wild,world” for his exquisite pleasures.,or such. See my point now., why such an inference by Commissioner’s never featured anywhere nearby me…? But, and I insist., it’s common knowledge, us(men) and 'em(women) think, act., indeed do thingies different, simply coz men, being from “Mars.,” women emanated from a wholly diff’rent dimension., called “Venus” think this could be the case…? Oh well.,
Verdict’s outta there., aye!
Rest me’case, I do

Shifo kwa hio ranch yako tengeneza ka mancave

You should have told her you shaved your azz.

Enda ukatoe lock, hiyo hang’ii haikupeleki vipoa

Nko Jabba__hio Tosha kwa sasa Mkuu, haha! :v:

Ni kusahau hao husahau vitu, nothing strategic of the sort.

kuma ya periods huwa moto , mboro inaskia utamuuuuuuuu

Unaskiangaje utamu ukidimbua kunyi ya @Demakuvu ama hio yake pia inakuanga na periods?

Happens all the time. Ask @uwesmake

Shifu ni ukweli huwa unapost videos tik tok

Not true. I don’t have a tiktok account.


Wacha uongo hio damu ya periods huwa rough sana.

Chifu kwani unadate sampuli …leta hekaya with thermal images