Why do women always demand to be given money after sex?

You meet her, get to know each other, get to like one another and decide to make love. Where do they always get this idea that you have to reciprocate the act of making love with money or material gifts? Are all women hoes?

Ikus lazima ilipiwe usiwai chochwa na mtu but more importantly angusha hekaya. Nani anapasua roho ya shifo

Nitaleta baadaye

It’s the society we are creating. Kenya is a very aspirational society. Everyone wants to live the Kardashian life but no one wants to put in the effort needed to achieve it. Everyone wants money here and now for free. What you’ve said is not only true, but getting worse too. 18-24 year olds don’t even wait for sex before requesting for money. Unakutana na mtu leo, kesho kutwa they already have the guts to ask for money. Na kule Kenya inaelekea it will only get worse.
Imefika mahali, huyo wa kuomba pesa after sex atakua rare gem. No one owes anyone anything in life. Kila mtu akule jasho yake. Doesn’t matter how beautiful she is, the moment she feels entitled to your money, it’s time to put “I dunno what you heard about me, but a bitch can’t get a dollar out of me” on full volume blast.


If you pay fixed price you will never regret

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Hakuna vya Bure shifo. Hata sabuni na maji ya kuosha nyaus hutaki kujua itatoka wapi?

marayaaaa heri wale wa saina joy you know how much it will cost you, hawa wengine unaskia tu sijui gas imeisha, dstv inahitaji subscription bla bla

Wewe rudisha tu bibi.

Maisha ya umalaya huwezani na ndio maana unalipishwa punani.

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If she asks you for money after she views you as beta…

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Keino kya ngiti

You pay a ho to leave

Unalipa maliar tu ,bei ni 150 apende asipende

you pay ndio mkimalizana kila mtu anaenda njia yake, no strings

The thinking is that you liked her because she looked neat and appealing. It takes money to dress well, have great hair and nails, and smell good. She has to strive to not be drab on your next meeting. Women of means don’t have this problem, but naturally, they’ll still want to feel “taken care of” if you can offer to pay for something (eg. her hair or cab ), even when they can do without your money.
Tip: it’s in your interest to give small gifts without being asked

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They can’t have their cake and eat it. Equal rights come with equal responsibilities. Jordan Peterson ndio huwezana na hawa watu.

You are trying to take a shortcut instead of marrying her first so she’s also taking her own…Pwagu hupata pwaguzi.



MEN HAVE ALWAYS PAID THE OTHER GENDER SO THAT THEY CAN LOVE THEM BACK(relationship/marriage/sex). Adam was the only lucky man, hakuitishwa fare, hakulipa mahara but in the end vitu vya bure led him to sin and that’s we die Na tunaishi Maisha magumu. No wonder waswahili have a saying “Vya bure vya ua”- Free things lead to death

  1. SHE CAN DO WHAT YOU CAN’T i.e kunyonyesha Na kubeba mimba. So that’s general logic juu pia wewe huwa unanunua what you can’t produce

3.The ground was cursed in the garden of Eden so man can toil.so HARDWORK is also what men use to impress women kutoka tene i.e Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel.

It is also a way women use to separate boys from men juu your average girl gets seduced atleast 3 times a week.

    Plus the primary role of a man in any relationship is to PROVIDE i.e provide leadership, provide protection and dick…after all our sex organs are projected outwards meaning the man is the giver and vice versa

    Women are naturally attracted to wealth and class

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Kwani atafua ngotha umechafua na mate?

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Kwani ni yake tu itafuliwa? Si hata yangu itafuliwa?

Ishafika mahali most boy childs hawatoboki kama hawajatolewa ngotha. Nowdays its about what you bring on the table. Nishai pewa senye for free…it felt so weird when the chille didn’t ask for anything. Bado wako wadau…very rare but wako

Tunapewa free but we later appreciate them out of kindness and generosity. Wa kuitisha in advance anakula block