Why Do Women Age So Fast?

Some people classify us watu wa 1980 as fossils but we just landed on the fourth floor. The girls that we went to school with are now grandmothers. Nilishangaa majuzi nikiwa trip Shags hao wamama wako na Grandchildren wanatoshana na watoto wangu. Most of them got married at 18 years.

At sixteen while you were shooting birds with a catapult and stealing sugarcane, your female agemates walikuwa wanarushiwa mtama na kuwekewa mitego.

Itisha mkia

Mkia ya granny?

Hata wewe ni pervert mbaya!

But they live longer than you

They somehow underutilize their brains thinking about unimportant/ inconsequential things and over-worry on the really important ones.

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They don’t worry about bonobo issues

Women don’t age faster than men. Its men who value women solely based on their looks.

Generally, when you see a woman, you consider her looks first. When she sees a man, she considers multiple factors such as looks, status, and wealth. So, you don’t age better. Women just look for things in you that are not time-bound or are positively correlated with time such as wealth.

You can be bald and pot bellied at 40 like @uwesmake but if you are driving a Range Rover, you will turn heads. That doesn’t mean that being physically unattractive is ideal but men can get away with it if they have other redeeming qualities, unlike women.

Kumbe kijana uko na akili ni vile hupendi kuitumia sana?

Women are naturally meant to mature faster for the sake of human reproduction. Just simple evolutionary stuff.

Ni kukula sana , a woman who maintained her weight ata akiwa fifty bado utadhani ako thirty, the same applies to men. If you want to remain young forever make sure your body fat percentage iko always low

Ni genes

As I have gotten older, I find that I have this respect for men in their 40s and 50s wenye hawana kitambi ya upuzi juu si wengi. Sahizo chances are high uko na pesa at least na afya iko safi unaenjoy maisha bana. Si lazima ukue na muscles kaa yote lakini kukua tu reasonably fit as you age ni kitu poa sana. Cheki kama Tom Cruise ako 60 years lakini anakaa fity sana.

Ben lover wacha ku admire tom.

Si hivo . Shenzi.

:D:D:D@benn dover bomoa kabati kabisa

This is a blessing by @Jehovah Wanyonyi ndio wanaume have a reason to be polygamous

Kasia i.

Kitambo si as bad. Wa sai ndio strange. Dem ako 22 she looks 35.