Why Do We Like To Misuse Words?

Eti Thika Super Highway, Super Highway na iko na bumps? Then what would we call Germany’s Autobahn?


The other misused word is Hotel


It is by the same yardstick that we call these cars


Why does God hate Africans?

these are four wheeled tuktuks NV. follow news vizuri

Thika road is not even a highway. I agree super highway, is way too much ignorance. I am not pessimistic about those BJ-50, it is a good effort, especially for the guy who made. And pretty sure that more than 60% cannot still afford it.

God does not hate Africans. He has placed them in the richest continent on earth, in terms of natural resources, but they have sought many bogus inventions, sold their birthright, loved not that which is theirs, and worshipped strange gods. He has therefore given them over to a reprobate mind, to do that which is inconvenient, and to wonder why life is so unfair.

They stole the word Super Highway from the earlier 2000s definition of the Internet. (Information Super Highway)

What is the use of living on top of mineral wealth that only bring bloodshed and more poverty to the inhabitants? Africans walinyimwa akili wakapewa misuli

If you have been in class with other races, surely you must know this isn’t true

Why does God hate Africans?

Curse of Ham

Achana na hizi Blow job 50:D:D

Kweli, jamaa ni hasira tu…sijui ndani alimkosea. Check out other posts.

Ng’ombe wewe. Umekua Psychiatrist siku hizi?

I’ve read him before. One understands the frustration of seeing things done around us in a dumb way, but I think it would be more helpful to look for solutions, plan our projects and execute them well, so that we put some of these mistakes behind us as a people. It takes personal commitment to do things right, even when everyone around you is saying it can’t work.

Name one thing africans are known for


Kenya hakuna highway kama si speed bumps ni polisi and their million road blocks from Mombasa to Malaba

Ancestors got too comfortable,remained and stagnated.

Genosity. We are so generous and nice to strangers that we forget to do the same to our own. Instead we are dishonest and full of tribal talk that will never lift us out of the hole we are in. We are busy telling ourselves that our boundaries are colonial so we have nothing in common, yet the truth is we are Africans, and we must start to think that way to make some meaningful change.