Why do we fight our own

The Kyuk karao arrest us for a traffic offence.
He takes control of the vehicle drives us to Muthaiga police station despite amount of pleading.He turns a deaf ear.
Hadi kuongelesha yeye lugha ya andu a nyumba, he actually get bitter.
At the station we find Okeyo tough guy but he listens.We tell him,tusaidiane kwa sababu makosa imefanyika.
Chukua cash bail na tuko na 3K.Anatupa msomo hapo then says leta hiyo pesa muende na msirudie hilo kosa.One of us had 1K but the guy still accepted it.
Hiyo yoote we had tried to negotiate with Kangethe the cop who took us to the station.Could have saved time for all of us.
As we walked out,I heard one of the guy tell him in greek “Nitugacemania Rware muru wa Kaniu”.
Well he got concerned but we had already finished our business and left.

In all my times that I have had issues with serikali,I have always used someone from other communities to help me through all this time because mundu wa nyumba is blocking the same process somewhere until his palms are greased.These other communities help each others unreservedly,I admire waKisii for that.Why are greeks like that.Do you know the Nairobi Women’s Hospital majority shareholders are from Central.Good thing with them is that they steal from everyone.

Tuseme wewe ni mfisadi

sijilewa how people look at each other through a tribal lens…i prefer just viewing people a individuals…zamani people used to say wajango hawapendi doh…well,look at our liberator agwambo

kijiji ikafunguliwa,watu wakachangia debates za maana, tonnes and tonnes of insightful thoughts ziko archived here, somehow you got your way here ufikirie kama elder lakini bado…

Mtu hafai kujitetea

Meno kubwa

Saa zingine it comes out naturally,your own person is pushing you like you are living on rented air but someone from other diversity is ready to listen to your woes and assist.

You were played. Kesho jaluo ndio tacheza bad cop naye kikuyu good cop…ungewakuta canteen wakicheka wakigawana loot!

Why didn’t Kang’ethe take the loot alone kabla wafike kituo?

We knew we had to part with something but why waste all the time.

Wakikufikisha station unaona hakuna macheso so you’ve been softened to pay more.

That kuke cop had collected enuff. Hakuwa na haja na nyinyi. Lakini lazima angerushia Okeyo who was stationed at the office kakitu.
Kakitu sasa ni nyinyi.
Thats how cops operate.

Rumours never confirmed

Typical good cop-bad cop routine. Ukifikishwa station you will panic and are more likely to cough up more.