Why do the poor remain poor?

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Being poor is a choice

@BBIsiMuhimu will blame uhuru, ktalk troll @patco, mama ngina, evil muzungus for keeping him poor

a rich man (relatively) has reserves of resources to stop from the rat race long enough, survive on accumulated resources and mobilise the same to bring in more through ingenuity/cunning/seeing the angles etc. It’s easier to see more clearly when you aren’t living hand to mouth and are more worried about where the next meal will come from than what strategic benefit you can obtain from the LAPSSET corridor. yenyewe if you had the privilege ya mzazi looking out for you even shortly after campo as you got your shit together and omoka na hustles shukuru sana

Someone like @patco the old bottom fagggot, made very stupid decisions when he was younger. Spent money from sponsors on sex change surgery and hormonal correction.


you cannot pile all poor people together. What makes one poor is not what makes another poor.

Nowadays the poor do get wealthy. And it also goes the other way - the wealthy become poor.

if one is hard-working in the right field and does not consistently make poor decisions, they can pat themselves in the back…

  1. Poor attitude on money and resources
  2. Bad luck
  3. Drugs
  4. Having many children

Mostly has to do with mental attitude and the actions you take.

If you were born poor, it’s not your fault. However, if you die poor, it’s your fault - Bill Gates.

This is the secret. I had a two year buffer from having to deal with shitty hustles in the name of keeping my head above water and it was my saving grace. Now I can finance a lifestyle most could only dream of yet I have never held a job in my life.

It all boils down to fate

99% of people are poor because:

  • They have no viable business ideas
  • They have no capital to implement the ideas
  • They have no marketable skills


Haujamuambia poa.

You’re also poor. Ni vyenye pesa kidogo inafanya utukunie kichwa. Kama huamini, just look around you and contemplate what you have

We can’t all be rich, if you’re alright thank your maker

Ni muhimu kwa society kuwe na peasants kama akina @patco to serve the rich.
A permanent underclass is a good thing.

:D:D @Sambamba mbona uniombee mabaya and yet I always describe you as a mbirrionea?

Speak a blessing not a curse. Bado nangoja picha za ile nyumba ulisema ulihamia hapo Riverside Lavington. Niliacha ukinunua sound system.

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