Why do the most broke men the most demanding

Poverty brings out the worst in people especially men because they are more identified with money. A man with no money has lower self esteem than a woman who has no money. Rise in domestic violence in slums and during economic meltdown has proven this fact. A hungry man is an angry man. Let’s leave men who are struggling financially to concentrate on getting their money right by keeping off from them because they don’t need distractions, they need to be left alone to focus on building themselves. Let’s not help, comfort or finance them in any way, that’s the job of their parents and themselves.


Yet you expect to be spoilt and your children taken care of with only a “vagina” to offer? Women can be so deluded sometimes… you want to be given things you are not willing to offer yourselves.

Who do you think has been taking care of me since I was born? What is it that I’m not willing to offer to myself? I live like a queen. That means I have no time for broke asses because I don’t want trouble and stress in my life. If you have nothing to offer me, see you never. Simple.

I bring nothing to the table and yes I expect to be spoilt, taken care of and my children rather his children since they will bear his surname and not mine to be well taken care of. Vagina is the most important thing in the world because without it none of the 7 billion humans would be here. Understand that even a broke woman without a pot to piss in has more to offer than any man because she propagates the species. A woman IS the table. Simple.

What is delusional are these women who will date broke asses, give in to all their demands bcz they have no standards and no self Esteem and in the end after doing all the work to raise a grown man. They will be played, conned and some are even killed.