Why do some fools take politics seriously?

Wadau, why do some bastards take politics and/or politicians so personally/seriously?

Kuna maumbwa zinakuaga very emotional when it comes to politics.

Juzi I was having a conversation with some gents, when one of my comments got mistaken as support for a different political party. Karibu tuanze kukunjana mangumi.

Same thing happened at the kinyozi. I made a harmless comment, nugu ikachukuwa personally, akaninyoa vibaya.

Ata hapa Kenyatalk kuna mambuzi ziko na hio tabia.

Last week venye Don Lemon alifutwa kazi CNN karibu psycophant wake @Swansea Otoyo ajinyonge huko Maryland.

Leo venye tinga amedeclare maandamano will resume, his brainwashed cows have already vowed to be at the CBD very early in the morning:

Watu wajinga sana.

Kuna elder ameandika a very prolific statement:

This should be posted on every billboard nyang’au zimee akili.

Ruto is too much. Just wait for the next 3 months ujionee mwenyewe. Yes, we had bad leaders in the past, but not of Ruto’s caliber.

Si ulie basi

Niaje msito PATCO

Niaje Tauren

Una nyolewangwa futhi kwa kinyozi:cool:

Ask Yourself …

How did we get to where we are today Politically …???

At Independence in 1963 , well educated Kenyans were professionals and technocrats serving in Government and Private Sector …

But Politics hates a vaccum …
So Tribal Chiefs , Ethnic Chauvanists , Thieves , Killers , Opportunists , Bimbos , Cartels and assorted misfits eventually found themselves in Leadership …

And they still remain to this day …

The only solution now is to root them all out by any means available …
Because they will no go away on their own accord … :D:D

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Raila Baba,Raila Mwana,Raila Roho mtakatifu

Juu umeita wengine mambuzi,wewe ni mburukenge!!

Everywhere Kenyans are bitter -Offices,staffrooms,churches,shrines and in the streets.

Mbuta has a chemical compound Epinephrine((HO) 2C6H3CH (OH) CH2NHCH3) which is known to cause anger at the slightest provocation. I don’t have to explain more.

Spoken like a true bonobo.

You think ‘baba’ will share his stolen loot with you since you are his gullible sycophant? Very dense.

And next time kuja na handle yako ya ukweli @Swansea

@Mrs. Chantel is your avatar how you look like in real life? Wow you are beautiful can I take you out on a date

Usha anguka mtihani…wewe sasa ni wa kuombwa pesa uki zungushwo.

You will be surprised how a section of Kenyans worship and extol the crooked in this country. Especially the downtrodden lot. Since they comprise majority of those who vote, nothing is going to change overnight.

If you want peace of mind, usitangaze msimamo wako wa siasa in public, you never know whom you are engaging, siasa na matusi wacha ibakie tu hapa social media.

Niko na Luo friends wengi who are die hard Baba followers, they know Mimi ni mtu wa UDA. We can discuss or argue on anything lakini ikifika maneno ya Siasa, I back down from the conversation to avoid emotional spiral, Mimi husema wacha tu Kila mtu a support mtu wake in peace and silence

Kenyan Politics and Politicians are not Sacred Cows …

All our Politicians and their Policies are subject to Interrogation , Challenge , Complaint , Review , Rebuke and Scrutiny at any time …

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Niaje Mrs Chantel? Ni wewe uliimba ile wimbo ya tokelezea na Abbas kubaff?

Ebu tokelezea tuende maandamano,tuko na Jeshi la Baba.