Why do rich kids major in the liberal arts?

Came across this vid and was reminded of a recently created thread on the same topic. As it turns out, it’s not because they’re stupid but because there isn’t anything that makes you more powerful than being literate and articulate. These dynasties are really out here playing chess while we’re playing checkers.


They own the world and they know exactly how to continue the trend

Liberal arts is patroned by the rich and famous. Most of the time the kids of the rich and famous are the only ones who can afford to get into it. There are outliers though but it also has a lot of money.

They are not looking for salaries.

Jordan Peterson is the best YouTube psychologist and modern intellectual. Let me listen to what he says here

No Dr. Grande is.

Peterson looks like a serial killer. I can’t take him seriously.

Jordan Peterson is a drug addict and should not be taken seriously by anyone

A lot of fancy kids in the west are going for Psychology degrees too

Yes, Being articulate in English is absolutely crucial here in America. You have to sound intelligent. A black man like Obama became President largely because of his speeches. You have to sound right, and by right I mean white. No ebonics please.

hehe punguza chuki bana. speaking white kind of english is important, but remember you will be always black.

Looks?? Juu ya looks tu ama unajaribu kusema nini Capote??

Dr Grande mwenyewe has acknowledged Peterson’s intelligence, wewe ni nani u doubt

It’s true. The first thing immigrants notice when they come here is being asked constantly, “where are you from? I detect an accent.” They say it with disgust on their faces. Ni muhimu sana. You must work on your accent.

I usually say that a man should stay home or only move away as a conqueror. if you will be subjugated wherever you go, why move.

Better opportunities for your kids.

Same, wenye walipigania Kenya independence didn’t do so ndio upande ndege kuenda majuu to kiss the white mans ass.

turning your chidren from bona fide africans to black americans is a big downgrade. forget all yohyoh stuff on TV.

True, but I’ll rather fight that battle or find ways to mitigate akataa influence for example by going to kenya frequently, than living in a country with limited opportunities for them. Choose your battles wisely, you can’t have it all.

I wouldn’t term giving ones kids access to the best Universities in the world, a downgrade.