Why do people lie?

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Na ako hapa saa hii. Mucene. Kasheshe. Wakiwa na @Finest wine .


cc @Swansea apparently your hommie from Rumuruti works 10 hours every single day from Monday to Saturday. :D:D:D:eek:

Of course work that involves pride and self esteem.

And yet, saa ii hii ako 27th comment of the day “advising” the population.

Halafu December 21 right before Christmas day utamskia hapa… after working 10 hour shifts, monday to saturday :


“Sioni tukienda anywhere.”

Blaming Gathecha and his taxes. SMMFH.

cc @Yunomi .

@Yunomi uko na stalker hapa kijiji

Finish this mungiki meno brown. Finish him!

Why did you have to tag me? :cool:
Patricia loves to give men unwanted attention and that’s why I put activated the block button. Ukiangalia history yake it’s all about seeking men out and I just happen to be the latest attraction

:D:D na time ya kuwatch Umar Johnson, mumbi seraki na tareeq nasheed on YouTube anapatanga wapi?

I would never block the stupid old fool, what for?
Ni kuishi na kusumbuana na yeye hapa mpaka tuheshimiane.

Hako kamzee kako na time na uji mob kwa kichwa. Lakini kwa ile thread uliweka ni kama you are enjoying the attention.

:D:D:D He is into “black consciousness” .

Kwanza anapenda video za huyo Mumbi Seraki sana :


[SIZE=6]Wakanda forever!!![/SIZE]

Which thread?
I would never waste my time posting a thread about the fool.
Am not the likes of gashwin who were asking admin to protect them from his nonsense.
Mimi ni kukachapa guerrilla war mpaka katii.


People can use this this time to call relatives back home and asking them how they are doing than to stalk each other… I’m sure someone has a needy or sick relative who needs positive vibe… just saying

We ni kama huelewi magonjwa mengine. Addiction is good for the moment but kills slow.

Boss,your wisdom is lost on some nigas here…

It’s beyond some idiots to think of such.
The 1st thing they do from waking up to the time they sleep is make asses if themselves online.

Ati aliingia ofisi 8 a.m leo asubuhi na atafunga works 7pm !!

Na hato Sato vivyo hivyo. Ilhali nimemkuta wakiwa na @Finest wine wakisokota mushene for a full two hours. Two good hours!

Hey moron, when was the last time you called your grandmother to know how she’s fairing?
But forget it, you are too old to have a grandmother anyway.

Wacha makelele wewe mwizi. No one cares about your opinions little thief. You are not even worth trolling.

You attempted to troll the untrollable foolish aged idiot.
What a light bulb moment you just had.

:D:D:D @patco has really tried to ignore the many sweeps on his post