Why Do People Get Sad When This Happens?

If an international company exits your local market, I do not see it as a bad thing. The sole purpose of a company is to make money. When they set up operations here, they make money, and send it away to their foreign countries. When they leave, it means the money stays in Kenya.

Let us take an example of biscuits There was a time every biscuit and sweet consumed in Kenya was made by an international company. They would smush sugar, sell as candy, and take the money to Europe. After some time, they shut down business and went away.

The market opportunity was still there, and soon Kenyans started making sweets and selling them for money. The only difference is that the money is not going abroad, it circulates in Kenya.
All these multinationals are not doing us a favor by operating in Kenya, we are doing them a favor by letting them operate in Kenya.

if a Kenyan tried to open a major business like a bank in Europe, they would be shut down quickly. No African bank has ever been allowed to operate in Europe. Same with many business types in Africa. Even the richest ones cannot dip a toe in Europe unless they are exporting mangoes and bananas.

The point here is no company outside those rich countries can easily set up operations to export money from them. They know it is bad for money to leave their country. If you set up and somehow succeed, the day you leave, they will not cry. They will just take up the opportunity.

So brethren, i beseech you not to waste tears on nonsense. identify the market niche left by this multinationals that leave and fill it up. Nothing is impossible if you have the will.

A good example is banks. There was a time it was believed bonobos could not operate a local bank. The belief was that the negro would just steal the money and shut down the bank. Ulikuwa unafungua bank ulkiwa negro watu wanakuangalia kama picha. The Moi’a goons would start eyeing you suspiciously waiting for you to give them their cut.
Family bank tried by everyone knew instinctively not to trust kenyattas.

But Equity proved them wrong, negros can handle their own money comfortably and since they do not have to worry about currency exchange rates when exporting our banked money, they can survive better than the multinational banks.

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Brethren I beseech you to continue licking anus even deeper for such insights


Ndii must be also deep into the anus because the clarity of his economic policies is out of this world. Hizi tugege zitatuonyesha mambo no wonder our economy Iko unyo kwa unyo with Singapore.

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Most of the goods offered or services are usually very hard to produce by small financial might of niggahdom…what usually happens is the multinationals exit your markets…they dont just go you just have made there work environment unbearable…seek a better country within the region and continues milking there monies…Or worst all such are imported. We end up losing the basic tenets of employment of the whole scale of production.

I like your thoughts but they wouldn’t hold water in economics Sense per se…Your thoughts would fit well in the ideology of new colonism. Unaona multi national leaving a country is a proxy indicator of failing economy. A good flourishing economy would attract more companies for business. The opposite is also true

Not true. Multinationals are leaving china coz they can’t handle competition from locals

Our reference is Kenya not China…

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The Kenyatta’s operate manufacturing companies here but have bank accounts in Cayman islands. Wajinga ni nyinyi

My reference is planet earth not mars

So the economy is so sweet in Kenya that local companies are outcompeting multinationals? Humbwer


kagege hawa watu hupeleka company zao kwenye kuna cheap operational costs. no one is willing to set up shop kwenye wenyewe wanaajiri robots etc to cut labor costs.

If a somali moves all the way from somali, goes to kisumu, and sets up a supermarket in kisumu, it’s because he has seen a market opportunity, and certain advantages to himself that will allow him to extract more money from the locals and send it back to his family members. If the kisumuins stop their obsession with mercedes benz, set up a supermarket, and start doing the selling of things to each other, they can keep more of their money in their community, which they can donate at harambes, employ the locals, and send the rest to their large families of the wives and girlfriends, the concept is the same with a mutlinational.

They come into a place because the locals are too sleepy to do it themselves, and they have certain advantages in management efficiency that locals do not. If they leave, it is not a chance to cry,. It is a time to look at what their market niche they left was, and how you can fill it at a lower scale and expand into it gradually.

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Great, true insight.

smart niggah right there