Why do People Do This

Ukipatana na karao, watu hujaribu “kuongea nao” mkiwaabia nini? Why not simply ask how much, and be done with it. Corruption is actually cheaper than the legal system, if you know how much you should pay, and when to pay it. instead of ordinary people wasting their time trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong, this is my advice: Always take the shortest route possible.

if the cost outweighs the benefits, don’t bother, give the man his little tea, and be on your merry way. But always make sure you give the least amount of money possible, and do protest much, but like a smart person.

This is how to do it: When negotiating with any public officer, always assume you are talking to the most egotistical, low IQ human being you will ever meet in your life. Rate them just one rank about the mentally deficient. Try to laugh, make them feel like their job is the second coming, and hide any true feelings of disgust under a veneer of high esteem. Act as if you are in the presence of the pope himself, and you are a staunch catholic. It is not your job or your time to fix corruption.


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My only one experience na D- was when one day nikiwa thika superhighway when it was new…walisema naspeed na wakasema wakona na speed guns kwa bridge sijui Wapi…maybe close to KU…

Basically had to drive my car kwa police station karibu roadblock…walikataa hongoo yangu ya mia mbili…only cash I had…ended up just driving away after walisubaa na wengine…

Never effer give your keys…all it takes ni kudrive out…the idiots thought I paid the other cop after I got tired explaining Niko tu na soo mbili cash take it or leave it…singewapatia DL yangu…coz sijawahi bother getting a Kenyan one…just pretend umeongea na ule fala mwingine… :smiley:

Idiots always suspicious of each other and I played them…each mkubwa thinking I paid the other…nilienjoy weed tamu sana after nifike hapo
Thika kwa base iko pale chania river section two or smthing nikanunua Colombo tano (big bro ya slim) @20 alafu nikabuy veve ya soo for my watchie…

Nilicheka sana that day at how D- is useless…bora usiwapatie key…cheza chini and drive off wakizubaa na other clients…I was scared kiasi thinking watanifuata…it didn’t happen…I am sure I sped through juja at 180 KPH…bumps time hio zilikuwa mbili tu at known locations

Only in Zamunda :smiley: …I got high just by kuwanyima hio soo mbili sana…good days those…nikirudi hio mtaa lazima nitafute huyo Pedi as he had some really nice branded and rolled up Colombo’s…sijui sahii ni mangapi for one…dudes brand was the only ganja I smoked since that day…gud isht…I now wonder how I used to buy ganja bila kujua kama ni sativa or indica and THC content…wild West then…kubahatisha na ile stock iko that day :smiley:

I don’t try arguing or reasoning with D- whenever I am nabbed with some traffic issue. I just smile, admit the mistake and ask how much the officer wants and get going.

Anus licker hata wewe umeona upussy ya jambass kwa corruption na kupiga mdomo tu