Why do men have affairs when their wives are pg and or in labor?

Ladies ladies niwaulize what iam supposed to do bwana ya siz yangu amepita mbele yangu na dem wakaenda kejani ilhali wife yake ako hosi she is in labour kutoka jana usiku juu naskia kuwapata niwadunge visu

Like Eric Wainaina and that TPF girl Valerie Kimani


I remember when I was abit younger and naive my hero goali Oliver Kahn was busted with a whore when his wife was heavily paged, I was really dissapointed in him, years after I was in the same spot with some serious blue balls nili ambia kahn pole wacha tumalizie hapo tu !!!

Thrilling excitement leads to sexual adventures

I was cheating on my BM with my workmate 3 days to the birth of our child.I was so busy being balls deep in there new pussy that my workmate would tell me ebu enda hospital ucheck on BM kwanza then urudi tunyanduane

Kumbe wewe ni Mtombi Hodari kweli!