Why do many Japanese words sound like Kiswahili?

I have always been intrigued by the similarity between many Japanese words and Swahili ones. Examples:

The Samurai sword is called a Katana… Just saying there is a range of examples

True. So much names sounding Bantu-ish

Current Japanese football national team goalkeeper goes by the name Ndukimoto Sikamati

Hahahaha. Wacha uwongo mkubwa!

Mr. Hakimoto ikoapa

Look into the black Japanese 1500’s to 1900’s, plenty of Black spread around the world before they accepted sh!tty cultures

True. Are you Japanese my brother?

:D:D clever

Even the Japanese soldiers in the WW2 appeared less pale than the current Japs

it’s because we wuz Kangz in all them Chinese countries like Japan


Phonetics and properties of speech is similar to bantu.The interaction of different vocal organs,e.g lips, tongue and teeth, to produce particular sounds.makes the language similar to swahili


Japanese wapi…huyu ni mkamba wa hapa Matuu :smiley:


Mwambie tupatane Miami Jamhuri day

Obviously it doesn’t mean what you think:D:D:D


If you listen Japanese pronouncing them, you will laugh.