Why do ladies develop a second neck?

I have never understood why ladies develop a second neck past the age of 30 years. Especially if they have had more than two kids and prone to obesity. Why does their skin also sag more than that of their male agemates? Then most develop veinous hands very early. Why is nature so cruel to women’s bodies?

Most women barely exercise that’s why huwa wana chapa body wise haraka upesi

Imbalance of hormones and overuse of birthcontrol pills. Either way, this is why the revered MGTOW supremo restricts himuselefu to the 18-24 bracket. Over 30s tumekuachia chifumbutaaa

Same reason why men start to get pot-bellies after 30.

I am over 30 and have a chiseled pectoral and pelvic girdle. Speak for yourselefu.

No way. Kitambi is for men who drink beer and eat fatty meat without exercising

Its actually easier to get rid of a kitambi than a double neck.


Mea kitambi pole pole baba nani… Kula food na plan uende gym kabuda.

One I’d like to know is swelling of feet… Ankle haionekani

Hehehe kumbe huwa unakagua hawa shoshoz vilivyo

ulisomea chini ya miti ama nini umeulizwa swali unajibu na upusss

Maliza hiio ghassia kabisa

It’s due to accumulation of water around the joints

30s wako na mitaro pia

Sio wote

Well if you consider this creature has swallowed 367 kgs of birth control pills…imbibes alcohol her grandfather would take in 30 years in 4 weekends…I really see no wonder in developing even a fifth neck

Izo family planning jabs and pills imeharibu waafrika

Sample pikcha ya second neck tafadhali mdau.

Why only certain women and tribes. Western na Nyanza si Sana.