Why do Kenyans hate their own?!

I’m not the greatest audiophile on earth infact mimi huskiza tu the catchy tune nikikunywa nini. A few years ago Colonel Mustapha had what I considered a banger. In my view kwanza hii kitu DODOMA SINGIDA would’ve quite easily become a strippers anthem like Ashawo remix. Wale wanajua what I’m talking about… wanajua.

But this great track was vilified far and wide. Sijui ikaitwa porno. Sijui Colonel Mustapha ni mzee mjinga, he should grow up. The guy even became dissilusioned and ended up selling shoes and hanging with slay queens on rubbish TV.


Haya kidogo kidogo WaTanzania wa wiwili wakatoa hii yao juzi.Shieet. Kitu inachezwa on Kiss Fm every three minutes. Almost same lyrics as Mustapha’s song. At least the hook I listen out for. I don’t care for lyrics.

And Dully Sykes has been around almost longer than Colonel Mustapha but no one is calling him old and stupid for singing about young, tender, female buttocks…

Mbona waKenya mko na madharau hivo? Club zinacheza hii kitu na maubaya yet walikataa Mustapha kabisa! Why hate on the Kenyan kid and I think he had the better song? Alright the Tanzanian one is also great… but still.


Hiyo wimbo ya mustapha if you removed the words …pinduka…Dodoma singida…mbele…nyuma…and kando you’ll be left with no song at all…only the gorilla voice saying ogopa DJs would be left

good morning okiya

Kenyans never disappoint in unleashing trashy music. Kuna mwingine ametoa ngoma inaitwa dundaing… Smh

How do you find the two songs comparable?

Has colonel ever done any worthy music?

Fiti brazza.

TZ songs from Diamond are just pure porn. They are disgusting when you listen to the message and more so when you find kids reciting those words in public. The only reason why the TZ boys beat our own is the beats and silky voices. I won’t comment about Mustapha coz it didn’t get enough airplay.

Kenyans have learned to reject trash music, no matter who is pushing it.This is complete trash compared to what Tanzanians are producing…

Siku hizi lyrics ni muhimu kweli?
Would we be listening to Naija if lyrics were super critical.

Hio ngoma ya Mustapha kwanza hapo kwa lingala theme, kali sana. Angefanya remix na Ipupa hivi or a Congolese who understands the seriousness on rump shaking. This song had potential.

But like someone said in the youtube comment of Mustapha’s,song, if a Naija had done the track the reception would’ve been quite positive.

And I also don’t get why Sauti Sol aren’t being praised as the biggest acts in the whole world right now. I mean who can touch Melanin or rewind? Sijui ni vile waKenya hatujui ku push watu wetu.

Dully sykes aliiba Dodoma Singida. Aliona hampendi akachukua.

Ngoja Beyonce a figure out how to rip off Sauti Sol. I’m 100% sure the Americans are looking keenly at the Sauti Sol sound and figuring out how to replicate it.

Great Kenyan musicians do not get enough airplay unfortunately.



Mafeelings song ya Dela got good airplay.

such a cool song.

there is another one called geuka nikubeng smh!

Reminds me of coke studio .
It’s A great song.
We also have akina Elani. Honestly I don’t know why people listen to trashy music.
This one got plenty of airplay.

We all have bias in that if a song is in a language we understand, we’ll be concerned about the lyrics. If we don’t understand the lyrics, then the beats will do. That’s why a song like Despacito has billions of views on YouTube yet its in a foreign language to many and locally, unbwogable was a favourite song to many yet its in luo.

Nonetheless, back home I feel the local musicians don’t get support. Music copyright paid P- Unit Shs 250 ( two fifty Bob) as royalties for their song Kare.

Ile yake na Avril tu.

You call this noise and general obnoxiousness music? I say. This trash characterised with zero vocal talent/range, fruity loops/computerized instrumentals & run-of-the mill production with zilch creativity is music to you…Mmmh?!?

Music just like any other artform is supposed to be the mirror of the society. Wakina Mustapha and the other cheap twats masquerading as musicians only shout (note my refusal to use the word sing) abt profanity,
hypersexuality, excessive alcohol consumption,
hedonism etc. They never shine a spotlight/address any of our societal challenges…we have bigger & more pressing issues than listening to a creaky chap ‘singing’ abt the female backside? Trash.

That’s some @Fucked up thoughts by the composer.

Typical Kenyan hater that I described. Burna boy or Wizkid does the same track, “Oh my gosh, chief hebu skiza hii kitu!”