Why do court orders mean nothing nowadays?

For the past couple years I can’t help but notice the astronomical number of court orders being basically ignored by either the government, regulators or state ministers without absolutely no consequences.For a long time Kenya has created a name for itself by being the model for democracy in Africa and this has indeed born fruits for the nation.Sadly this foundation has been slowly diminishing in a manner that many wont take notice,The law is a very sacred pillar in any forward moving country and one that can not be played with .

This is how countries become banana republics ,the moment an institution that is charged with ensuring the laws of the land are abided basically becomes toothless signals scary times to be living in.As a patriot be very vigilant of leaders in power that rubbish court orders,he might be “mtu wako” but that small arrogance put a whole nation on a cliff.In conclusion i must say I miss Mwai Kibaki.This man name has to be written in gold when the history of kenya is revised.

because judiciary issues orders like toilet paper, they have no self-respect. kama unajua hiyo court order ilipeanwa na ule jaji ulihonga last akakupea yako mbona uiheshimu yake?

i propose an independent, armed judicial enforcement wing (j.e.w.) to implement court orders. once you ignore court orders you become rogue. Matiang’i and Kibicho are the best at that.

Quit singing Kibaki’s name as if he was that good. The idiot was a tribalist, a drunkard, and as corrupt as all of the past and present presidents.
He may have only been slightly better than Kamwana, but the way he betrayed and treated RAO while Prime Minister with Karua was inexcusable.
Then he paid himself all that unnecessary loot to sail into retirement when you and I know he didn’t need that money. He bankrupted the treasury for heaven’s sake!

You can keep all your praises of him to yourself and your MKM. F@ck off!

Weak Judiciary. They couldn’t have survived under Mutunga. How can the judiciary just seat and watch. They can shut the courts. Amongst other measures -summon the President. Let’s see where police will take their suspects. And whose civil cases will be heard. The very essence of a Judicial system is the respect of the word of the court. Court orders. Kwani a police officer stops you, and you keep walking and he just smiles.

Matiang’i has also ignored a few, if memory serves…

Say maraga judiciary is useless and unreliable. Respect is earned not demanded, they went to bed with evil society. Their orders did not have kenya as a country at heart, they became politicians. They protect their own and sacrifice others, it is a judiciary that need to disbanded and a new one with integrity constituted.

When did they mean something?

A corrupt useless judiciary orders can’t be followed

The other day a magistrate orders a sugar consignment already proven by the govt chemist to be contaminated released . kinoti akaruka .

Ombeta comes to Court arrogantly speaking and delays the case .

The second highest judicial officer is still in office and not behind bars because of a technicality .

The secretary general of the magistrates association who is on leave rushes from home and goes to give a corrupt Governor anticipatory bail

How do you follow such an institutions orders ? How do you take them seriously

When you issue an arrest warrant against an IG? whom do you expect to arrest him?
When the judiciary descends from the high horse and embrace dialogue, as the court users dialogue in the counties smooth running of the justice system is ensured.

It goes two ways my friend, you cannot have your cake and eat it. The security given to the judges can be withdrawn, and see if they can survive a single night. But that would be self-defeatist, Respect is a two way street.

Question: Do magistrates have security?

And he was a hopelessly useless politician. But he never bankrupted the treasury. He made it very easy to thrive economically. Uhuru on the other hand, is a joke of the century.

Nilliona Githu Muigai juzi asking the government to follow court orders yet when he was AG he never advised them to do so, the same orders you ignore come back and bite you

True man during Kibaki’s time people were making bank in the economy.A ksh 1000 was more meaningful back then ,the business environment was also not that harsh.

Whoever comes next will also have a tougher time still - maturing debts, an ever rising wage bill, and a growing population of educated, restless, unemployed youth.

Principal magistrate vehicle is driven by an armed driver and their residence are part of the CIPU guard duty.