Why do clubs close at 7pm

Two weeks ago CS Balala said that clubs and hotels should close at 9 pm, but am surprised that a number of clubs in Nairobi close at 7 pm and if they are to extend they have to switch off the music and give tips to the police by giving them something small.

This is the link on what balala said

Zetu hufunga 7am

lakini chini ya maji

Ongeza cheap clubs. I know several I choose to go to without worrying about curfew.

Just learnt kina onyx, brew, links etc close at 4am…nilistuka sana…

Coz one has to put into consideration that the staff has to get home before curfew iwapate nje.
But most clubs these days don’t even close during hiyo curfew time

Wamaanisha huna tabu?

Jana nilipitia karibu na Gabeez around 3 nikaskia muziki mingi huko. I used to think it’s a strip club, na hizo story hazifanywi mchana

Yes Gabeez is a strip club - nowadays stripping is done during the day.

Wanafungaga 7 juu ma-E minus default time yao ya kuchukua ushuru (sin tax) whether u have a licence or not ni 7pm. Wenye hupita 7 trust me wao hufunga asubuhi…the only thing they “close” ni mlango ya nje, mziki na kelele.


Haiyaa…that’s weird. Thought darkness was an ingredient for these things