Why do chimpanzees and women love victim narratives

The chimpanzee has an excuse for everything. Blaming the white man who left them 60 years ago. Now women have joined the pity party too. It’s called how a narcissist ruined my life. So dear lady why do you not leave toxic relationshits? It is very annoying to see a woman over 30 explaining why she was messed up by a narcissist. Accountability watu wangu. Walk out and quit telling us your sob story. We have our own problems tuskize zako kwa nini? It’s very annoying aki. Oh my husband did this, oh he ruined my life etc. Hukujua ndoa ni utumwa na mateso? You went in without clarity on what it entails now you want us to pity you. Nah. Feel sorry for me I have to pay taxes through my nose at least you you can file your husband on your tax returns and get some relief. Take control of your lives ladies.

Miaka inasonga utafika mahali mkundu ikose nguvu ya kuvumilia mboro ukose mzungu kabisa

Mama @uwesmake likes to play victim after I cum outside her poosie.I always tell her not to worry because @TrumanCapote will lick it clean 20230524_085912.jpg

tumezoea kutomba malaya mama ya mkamba mjinga maskini @PHARMACY mlolongo for 49 bob ndio @PHARMACY akazaliwa . @Agwambo akitomba @Josto Bwaku mkundu for food @Heke akiwalamba rasa