Why Do Businesses Collapse When The Owner Dies?

Juu ni za kimagendo

In 2003, businessman Fai Amario, born Peter Gilbert Njoroge Ng’ang’a, declared his candidature for the Naivasha parliamentary seat that had fallen vacant following the death of the newly-elected MP, Paul Kihara.

One morning, at the height of the political campaigns, Amario, now deceased, walked into a local bank dressed in a short and T-shirt while sipping a cold beer. Guards saluted him, and bank staff almost fell on their knees to serve him.

A former bank teller said Amario withdrew a huge amount of money and carried the cash across the streets to his car, as residents watched in disbelief.

Fourteen years after his death, memories of Amario still linger on, especially in Naivasha constituency where he had established his business empire.

Lying in ruins

Many of his investments are now wasting away or lying in ruins.

The popular Fai’s Den, along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu Road, off the Moi South Lake Road, where his brewery stood, is in ruins.

The hotel that was a preferred destination by many who visited Naivasha was closed down many years ago.

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That is why you should respect uhulu and muhoho for multiplying the family businesses and wealth. They grew brookside into the largest milk processor in sub saharan africa with factories in uganda, rwanda, tz, Nigeria, ethiopia etc and also expanded ncba to many other african countries such as Uganda, Tz, congo, Ivory Coast, SS etc. Northlands city is also coming up.

While many sons squander their parents wealth, Uhulu multiplied it and even became president like his father. Uhulu is a political and business genius.

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Who cares