Why do black women care about what black men think of them

Beats me. Mtu kama hakulishi, why should you care about their opinion about you? Why bother to impress people who have absolutely nothing to offer you other than bitching about your looks like what Kevin Samuels does? Mimi hakuna kitu unaweza niambia kama hunilishi. I am a perfect example of a woman who does not give a rat’s ass about what you think of her. The people who would bitch at me who made other weak people leave the forum left this forum before me and I have not changed my perspective on anything based on the barbs I have received here. I am still as confident and outspoken as ever. Yall can learn ALOT from me. Even if I say so myself. So ladies please stop trying to pander to these monkeys like Kevin Samuels ati what do you think about me and I how can I get a high value man nyef nyef. Their opinion is of no consequence. Just like they themselves are of no consequence. Black men have never invented a damn thing. Now many can’t or won’t raise their own children, if you need advice about something atleast look for someone you would consider a role model. Don’t go to a misogynaire who feeds off of breaking women down. Me even my own boss knows hakuna kitu aneza niambia, if I decline something I have declined. I don’t why an opinion of someone who adds zero value to your life matters to women. Wakwende. The lady who called in, has her own businesses, earns 6 figure salary and has a 13 year old boy, instead of raising her kid and enjoying her money and freedom, she’s asking Kevin Samuels how to get a man of her stature and he tells her to get a brokeass and build him up to her stature. We all know a woman in real life who did that and lived to be used, abused and dumped. I am pretty darn sure every human being alive knows a woman who has had this happen to her, yet when you tell women don’t be a betty the builder, pulling men up, they won’t listen but will back to cry on your shoulder after being dumped after giving a loan to a man.


Today you rose early just to come brag about your big headedness.:smiley:

Because life is more than just about money.

Tell her, man. Money is just lifeless pieces of paper. No money can do what man can do.

LOL. Yeah. Did you see the Kevin Samuels viral video? Some woman is being ‘put in her place’ by that guy who looks totally gey. The truth is that how you feel yourself is what matters most especially about things you can’t change. Like your age and your being a single mom. You can’t undo that so why listen to people who make fun of it or use it to demean you. I mean I’ve dated men who look like movie stars and if someone loves you they love you just the way and if they don’t they never will even if you turn yourself inside out. Others were sports people and I am not even a fan of sports let alone doing it seriously yet that didn’t keep them away from me. It’s me who felt I was too good for them in the end. So like I always say, don’t worry about the people who don’t like you or somethings about you. That’s them and everyone is entitled to an opinion. As long as they don’t feed or house you their opinions are irrelevant if they don’t empower you. Men nowadays are so insecure that if you let them they’ll infect you with those insecurities they have so as to feel better about themselves. You need to avoid the toxic ones. Go where you are celebrated.

Hehe, just curious to see if you really are all that