Why do betting companies pay staff poorly despite making millions in profits..

Most local betting companies pay staff less than 50k…my friend was called for an interview at Odibets and the starting salary was Ksh 25,000 after tax. Another one works for 1Xbet and the salary is 45K after tax…Na vile hizi kampuni zinamake dough bana

most companies all over zinanyanyasanga watu.

ulipwe doh poa juu ya kukunia kwa choo ya kampuni all day? hio utaonea vindeo

True most Kenyan companies pay people horribly, but the top managers and owners swim in good perks.
As I always say, this is the reason we have very few people with good spending power to sustain these lifestyle businesses, and malls.
We still use the colonial system of remuneration, which kept the managers ( whites) wealthy but now it’s our own on those positions.
I do not think the remuneration scheme is equivalent to the cost of living, or even close to it…

Depends in the work you are doing.

Not bad for a clerk.

If you’re doing a job that can be done by ANYONE, you should just take your peanuts and move along. This is why you need skills that make you stand out.

head of marketing odibets ni 60K after tax…still peanuts

Heri ni commit suicide

I think that all jobs can be done by somebody else.

I said anyone, not somebody else.

can you be a hangman? or mortician? or a honeysucker attendant?

No but there are hundreds willing.

Demand & supply. The workforce supply is too huge and employers can always push as low as possible.

It is called capitalism.

Because their job is not to look after you or your friend, their job is to look after themselves. More for them is less for you and vice versa. Unioninse.

Hata Mwangi amekaza saidi

Wewe kama uko na skill mbona bado unafanya kwa cyber na uko almost approaching 40? uko na skill gani? Kuprint? :D:D:D Swine

Kababa @Mzee mzima naona umekubali handle yako ya pili.
Anyway, to answer your question, I’m a bloody good manager.
2 partnerships I was involved in collapsed after I left because customers followed me when I decided to fly solo.
I can identify quirks in a system that the average ghaseer can’t.
And I’m really good at anticipating and fixing problems.
With @captain obvious everything runs like a well oiled machine.

So nothing the next person can’t do. Vumilia 20k salo

Actually, many have failed where I’ve succeeded @Mzee mzima.
Na uwache kunipa cheo hivo, salo yangu huwa ata negative miezi zingine.
20k ni mingi sanaaaaaaaa.