Why Do 1% Rule Over 99% ?

From a handful of billionaires controlling all the major sectors to shithole countries getting oppressed by a few families/

What is power?

Many will say MONEY is POWER and POWER is INFLUENCE.

Pill Gates, Soros, Buffet, Elon and their buddies control this entire world. They are in the media, Military, Technology, Pharmaceuticals etc.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” …

Watched this the other day. Very interesting stuff. The plot of Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t that farfetched.


Because equality is unnatural. Nature is unequal. If you place 100 people in the same circumstances and check after ten years, the results will be drastically different for each one of them. If everyone earned the same, why would @Jimit rise up from his bedshitter in Narok everyday to till his two leased acres if there is no reward? He must feel the pain of peasantry first so that he can get off his butt and work. He must see guys like me flexing, feel discontented with his life, and engage in something productive like farming. Inequality is the ultimate motivator.

As usual youre never original. Copy pasting your stuff from others. Look here buddy, if your source of knowledge is this easy for me to pinpoint, dont you think your knowledge is so generic and you’re nowhere close to being a critical thinker if you have thinking done for you??? Nilipitia posts zako za couple of years ago before you were “enlightened” and it turns out youre just another blunt tool in the shed. Can never engage in any intellectual conversation with you neither can I take your inputs seriously.


Stop hero worshipping this demented old fool. He’s one of the most overrated fuckers on the entire planet.

Ah yes, because watching a video about someone means you worship them.

You do realize that google has content about literally anything.

Azor gives some game.

Jimit searches for said game on Google.

Jimit finds similar content.

He kid concludes that Azor googles all his responses because he can’t believe someone can put such sound thoughts into words :smiley:

The fact that you think I google my replies is a compliment to me. It just proves how good I am.

Not just someone… Bill Gates.

Mijinga you are so used to your own lies adi sasa youre believing and defending them as truth. Must be suffering from the Alzheimer’s. Tumekupata red handed regurgitating content from your online boyfriend Tate on so many occasions. ou want us to believe that you and some American celebrity investor sharing the same ideologies that are somehow similarly worded is just a coincidence?

Because you are a retard incapable of making objective observations and conclusions on your own. You need brain crutches to support your thinking. The fact that you even think that is a compliment shows how much of a moron you are.

By the way I didnt have to search. Immediately niliona iyo stuff nilijua where it came from. But then again utajuaje na hujui critical thinking ni nini

Nature obeys pareto’s principle, and that’s everywhere. The sooner you acknowledge that, the less you will bother with statistics about phenomena, and solutions which will never work. Unless a discipline led, deliberate effort is made to counter this; 80% of your happiness will come from 20% of your day, 1 seed will give rise to a plant with more seeds, your woman will only climax from 20% of your penis, 20% of a few bad girls will make it seem like 80% of all women are bad, 20% elite will rule over 80% population, etc.