Why did your business fail?

I believe there is more to learn from failure stories than success stories. If you want to succeed I feel it’s more important to get an in depth knowledge of people who failed than being obcessed about success stories of guys like Ali Baba and the like. I hope to start a business when am done with Campus (Got 1 year left) so talkers let’s educate each other. Here is my experience.

In light of that I will share of a business that I was in that totally failed. I did not own the business but worked on it as an active partner. The first was a restaurant. My old man bought this business in partnership with a Chef.in reality my Dad’s investment was basically used to bail out the Chef who had the business running on a loss already. He was very busy to be actively involved in the business so he assigned me the job immediately I finished form 4 as some sort of his personal insider. I started as a cashier. The agreement was the Chef will handle all matters food while I dealt with management of the restaurant. The first month this worked well. The problem came when the Chef took another job na alikuwa he was giving more time there. In short this nigga decided he was better off working in another man’s restaurant that his own. Maybe things got tight for him I really don’t know. Ikafika a point he was not even cooking for the restaurant. He used to send over some mlevi dude who cooked some shit food. In the restaurant business I learnt a regular customer won’t come back after 2 horrible dining experience. Business went down hill from that point very fast. Sales started to gradually decrease. Deni zikaanza mara being unable to pay suppliers. The lowest point was when the restaurant couldn’t even pay its workers. Needless to say the business shut down. The Chef practically coned my old man into paying off his liabilities then went M. I. A on us. No hard feelings though we gained some valuable experiences. After 2 other business nikasema apana and I joined campus.

I like such business stories. My experience is somewhere here.
Some reasons for a business failure sio negligible issues like that of your chef there. Zingine hukam kimkosi tu huwezi hepa

My reason for my business failing is because I have never starting any.

Woi…! your English is failing too

That’s why your English has failed you.

Lesson 1. Never get into a business partnership that is not legally binding and professionally managed. Any form of business partnership should be a registered company with clear articles of association. Personally, I would rather fail alone than invest informally.
Lesson 2. Relatives and business are a lethal combination.
Lesson 3. You must be a control freak/micromanager. Everyone is out to fleece you.
My experience: I once decided to farm remotely. The relative used the fertilizer I bought, on his own farm. His harvest and mine were like night and day, despite the farms being adjacent to each other.Later he got pinched due to his crooked ways. He is doing two years in the joint.
The main take-away from that failed venture was to leave farming to farmers if you are a city dweller.

No excuses.

Failure is part and parcel of success. Any successful businessman will tell you he has failed many times in the past. Each failure is an important lesson for the future. In your case you now know that partnerships don’t work in kenya simply because we have a very weak judicial support structure to protect all parties.

Umenikumbusha 2015 nilijaribu kuuza rose flowers siku ya Valentine’s huko Nyairofi(Nalobi) na Thika tukiwa na boys wangu.
I invested 7k,tukauza 4700.
Hiyo siku niligundua hakuna biz rahisi.

I beg to differ.

What exactly do you learn from failure stories?You may learn what not to do next time bit still you don’t know the next right thing to do.

I think success stories are the real deal.
You learn exactly what worked,and you can apply it to the next business!

That said,it doesn’t hurt to learn from mistakes and failures.