Why Did WSR Send Late Bro To India ?

Billionaires and family are sent to Western Europe or America.

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btw hii story ilikanyagiwa i didn’t see it in the news

He is a Kalasinga. It is understandable.


What’s the point of accumulating all that stolen money if one cannot use it to give his blood brother the best chance to survive ?

Poor man was admitted in Nairobi West hospital - a dilapidated ramshackle that is always in the media for all the wrong reasons.

Later on tranfered to Nairobi Hospital when it was too late.


I have a copy of his funeral programme.

Even mama Lucy - when we all new it was over was sent to Londons top hospital.

These politicians are very mean that they care less about their siblings e.g look at Kibaki’s siblings, the late lucy kibaki while still fit as a fidlle and still first lady at one time failed to attend her blood brother’s funeral…u heard me right her blood brother’s funeral . Their is a Governor whom i won’t mention by name bt amewachilia watu wao vibaya and he has bn among the top corrupt governors who benefitted from malicious deals.

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Hint: Western province.

Jakenya anajiitaje hapa ?

Second thots nafikiri ni huyu jakoyo…Cheki prof pic yake… Huyo ni mnyama gani? si ni mongoose. Huyo mjaka alikuwa anapenda mnyama gani?

Alimpeleka india because like all kenyan leaders before him wamekataa kuinvest in kenyan healthcare, they prefer to enrich western and asian hospitals.


That statement betrays you!!! Alai chieth meffi wewe.

U nailed it. It’s ‘The Kenyan Shame’, a good number of our politicians who fall sick and pass, do so in some far away countries, even fractures are taken care of abroad.
Education, the same way. Politicians kids don’t attend local school.
We are a failed society


First, no matter how rich the politician is, he still suffers from inferiority complex and believes that ‘others’(non-blacks) have better systems than Africans(which is 100% correct).
Second, the African was indoctrinated into believing that ‘success’ is trying as hard as possible to ‘dissociate’ yourself with anything African(self hate). Thus, even when we will have our health facilities at par with the western world(if that will ever happen) expect the rich to be always preferring treatment outside Kenya. For as long as the black man in Africa continues hating himself and associating africanness with primitiveness, not even industrialisation will liberate the African mind. And i doubt if true industrialisation will ever be achieved in many african countries for the simple reason that if i develop a car better than BMW, fellow African wont buy it because he believes anything African is of poor quality. And obviously, dont expect complex products manufactured in Africa to ever grace the American market.
I will repeat it a million times: The African problem is mostly a mind problem. All other problems originate from that mental wound.
Third and, needless to say, these politicians know too well how they’ve f*cked up the country and consequently, dont expect them to have any faith in our institutions. Those architects behind the 8-4-4 system educated their children in schools with foreign systems or altogether shipped their kids to foreign countries.
There is a reason why the African is the bottom feeder on the global stage and there is a more profound reason why Africans are viewed as the scum of the world by the rest of the world.
Once you self-hate, dont expect anyone to have any respect for you.


I like the naked truth in your analysis

bado wale watu wa sacrifices hawajafika waseme vile Ruto amesacrifice bro wake?

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ii storo umeikwamilia sana.
Let the living bury their dead! ama uende ukule io mzoga, meffi

Mafeelings nazo

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fractures of the toe you mean?