Why did they kill the Kenyan Premier League? We miss watching beautiful goals like this from INGWE!


Problem with Kenyan football ziko mingi kama Ile ya pombe ya Unga (njoohi ya mūtu)
Poor pay
Match fixing
Poor refereeing
Sub standards playing fields
Corruption at KFF
Et cetera

This match was played just the other day ama kuna kitu sielewi kuhusu missing such goals?

The problem facing Kenya’s football is this: the government realized by supporting football, they are supporting the opposition and that’s how football in Kenya died

Yes, this is a recent goal, but the stands were empty! Where did the fans go?

Guesswork goal

Highly unlikely to have many fans on a weekday, plus our football is not marketed right. Club budgets are nothign to write home about. In short, the little we have is actually mismanaged.

Don’t be that guy

Correct! Mismanagement killed Kenyan football!

Ongeza betting

Ghasia enda ukalambe kinyesi. Local football is not your forte.