Why did the MAU MAU still accept Christianity even after independence?

[SIZE=5]This question has been asked here before and I said that these ancestors were smart enough to understand that the MESSENGER is not the owner of THE MESSAGE.

He is just a vehicle carrying the MESSAGE. God can use a brute to give you His message or he can send a softie. He can even send a bird.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] Historically most times when he sent softies or humble servants they were often killed before they even finished talking. So yes He did infact send brutes to deliver His message.

Now lets hear from someone who was actually there and lived it. This is from a film recorded years ago. This man was a Mau Mau gun maker which means he served in the elite ranks close to the Field Marshall. (It is usually at this point that Njaruos start feeling some type of way when they hear such terms bandied around.)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Gun makers were very critical to the struggle. Some of his weapons can be seen at the museum. They gave them to the Jomo Kenyatta govt. after independence.

The man is from Nyeri and the spot he is standing in was the holy shrine where sacrifices to Ngai were offered at the foothills of Mt. Kenya.

He even points out the procedures followed because he is an elder and you can see the series of Mugumo trees behind him.

Cha muhimu is he was asked why did Kikuyus go back to Christianity???



[SIZE=6]He is then asked:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]He answers :[/SIZE]




[SIZE=5]He then explains that after accepting Christianity, the friendly missionaries were followed by brutal settlers who took the land. [/SIZE]
Many Kikuyus abandoned Christianity and went back to the traditional religion as they went into the forest to fight the colonialist.

They even took the traditional oaths to defend their soil.
[SIZE=5]So why did these Kikuyu go back to Christianity after INDEPENDENCE?[/SIZE]








Personally I find it rather stupid for an African to reference Christianity as the “white mans” religion.
Jesus was not “white” he was middle eastern more Arab looking then white. And Christianity did and does NOT belong to those that brought it to the African

In my ancestral village people don’t like talking about Mau Mau because it opens ugly can of worms.

Families thought to be sympathisers with the colonial government (home guards) were massacred by Mau Mau fighters leaving only a few members. In addition, home guard families equally committed atrocities so anyone associated with thay family is always stigmatized.

After independence, people kind of chose to ignore that stuff by not taking revenge - although the labels and wounds still remain to this day.

For instance you will hear people saying that man killed my grandfather etc.

We also don’t marry from some clans because of how their young men were coopted into the Kings African Rifles. Never. If a girl tells me she is from the Munjiru clan - more specifically from a certain village huko Kangema, I get more inquisitive[SIZE=1]. (I won’t say more lest I doxx myself)[/SIZE]

In fact, one home guard family was so isolated that they decided to buy land nahuko Nyandarua.

The myth further goes that all homeguards were rich and inherited all the prime lands which is very far from the truth. It is those who were connected to the top families that ate the best fruits, homeguard or otherwise.

Very true.

I find no value discussing bandits

Too young to have participated in the mau mau rebellion.

The question i have is , if our fathers then never saw the need to go back to those traditions , then yet they were very aware of them then , WHY ARE WE GOING BACK TO THEM(THE CUSTOMS ) NOW . ???

Footage is from around 2007/08 or slightly earlier. Some footage in that film was acquired in 95, other sections in 1999…

He says that he was a boy when he became a Christian in 1937. If he was 10 years old in 1937 it would mean he was born in 1927 , which would imply that he was 80 years old when this video was shot in 2007.

The Mau Mau Uprising or War started in 1952.

If he was indeed born in 1927, he would be 25 years in 1952 which was the average age for most fighters.

Dedan Kimathi was only 32 in 1952. Kimathi was born in 1920. The age checks out.

With your analysis, it makes sense.

It’s the deep responding to the deep. God always calls out His own no matter if they were born into a pagan family. His seed can never be lost.

@T.Vercetti. Your question is very complicated. It requires one to research the relations between government, church and Maumau. Maumau not only killed homeguards, they also killed Christians who refused to take the oath. They initially “mistook” Christianity and government as one. In fact that may partially solve your question. After colonialists left, Maumau needed jobs and probably felt they needed to convert to christianity to secure government jobs. Also remember, Jomo did not approve that oath taking and quashed it once he took power.
Even in the emergency insurrection, Maumau would kill colonialists but not white missionaries.

Thinking that kikuyus did not collaborate is wishful. Show me where the british settled without collaborating with locals. The capital was even changed…!

We follow white Christianity our Jesus is white not middle Eastern and we are baptised with English names not middle eastern

Because christiniaty was part of the state. Even now non-christians are largely discriminated

Quite true. JM Kariuki was a MauMau who got very rich due to closeness with Jomo after independence. He however bit more than he could chew and Jomo eliminated him

First and foremost Jesus was a Jew and from the Levant.
Jews, Syrians, Palestinians, North Iraqis, Egyptians and Lebanese are Levantine. Not Arab.
The people of the Levant are a mix of Semitic and Indo European groups and in fact by the time of Jesus, the Levant was heavily Europeanized.
For starters, Galilee, the province Jesus grew up in was a predominantly Greek settled region(Matthew actually mentions this in the Bible even) . So were many parts of the Middle East.
Syrians for example actually look more European than Italian because the Hittites and Hurians, both Indo European groups lived in Syria 3000 years ago and merged with Semitic ethnic groups to form the Aramean ethnic group that to this day is the dominant ethnic group in Syria even though Syrians speak Arabic.
Contrary to popular assumption, Jews rarely married Europeans. They lived in their own ghettos and villages and married amongst themselves. In fact inbreeding is responsible for a lit of genetic diseases amongst Ashkenazi Jews. So basically, Jesus could have looked like an Arab, Yes, but him having blonde hair and blue eyes like many Jews, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and North Iraqis do today is not an impossibility.
Also, Christianity is quite literally a religion of the Jews and the Gentiles because the meaning of Gentiles meant the European non Jewish groups that lived in the Roman Empire.
You find Paul writing letters to various Greek and Celtic groups and at no point did he write to the Nabateans, an Arab group that literally lived next to Palestine and was building Petra during his time, the Egyptians or Ethiopians whom the Romans (Paul was a Roman citizen after all) were well aware of.
In essence, even the Semites like the Egyptians, Libyans and non Greek speaking Arabs were jot meant to get the gospel.
This is reinforced by the simple fact that the Bible books were written in Hebrew, the language of the Jews and Greek, the language of the Gentiles, not Yoruba or any African language. Not even Coptic or Nubian which were known to the Romans.

I said our Jesus is white not the real Jesus. Our Christianity is very racist and it mostly goes against the Bible