Why did she do this to her spouse?

A woman recently from our area shocked everyone with her inhumane and outrageous acts. The woman is aged 29 years. Her husband is an army officer and was on mission to Somalia. He had already bought a piece of land and built a decent house for her and their two kids. Unbeknownst to the husband was the fact that this woman was always cheating behind his back. So he took a leave after hearing rumours from his agemates back in the village in order to set things right. But his leave was cut short after his seniors ordered him to go back to the mission. So the man went back. Kumbe this devil of a woman ganged up with a certain clandestine lover and changed the ownership of the land. She then took a huge loan from a Sacco and disappeared from the village with him. The kids were abandoned in their grandparents home. The man is back but he faces the risk of his land and house being auctioned. He is trying to seek legal protection but things are still hot. Then the headache of taking care of his kids alone.

This gender banae,:confused::confused::confused:

All the he needs is a green card …hapo ndio watu wengi hushikiwa.

Her whereabouts are still unknown

Daughters of Satan

No wonder bodies are found in river yala

From her name to her lover’s ama from osband’s ?

It doesn’t matter… all he needs to is contact a lawyer to request for the green card from the lands department. It basically shows land transfer/ ownership. Most illegal title deeds aren’t entered in the green card.

To her’s

The guy will absolutely have to do this

In whose name was the title deed kabla tuende far?

Fafanua tafasali kaka


In that case the land is still rightfully his

how much will a panga cost him? injury to such kind of women

is injury to the devil.

How was she able to change ownership from his name to hers without him being present? Things are not adding up.

It shows the land transfer ownership history… it basically shows the number of people who have owned the land ,period & their information.

She must have colluded with some land office guys

Hii apa inakuwa tricky sana. The land still belongs to that bagga

But the documents show she is the owner