Why did Kibe actually leave Kenya sex with a minor or to avoid paying child support

And can be extradited ndio awache vita na watu wa Rika la watoto wake? Ama to avoid paying child support juu he’s as divorced like his role mode Jack Daniel’s kwaza huu ako divorced twice so he needs your money to pay child support for 2 families.

Kibe is the poster child of hitting the wall. Yaani kufika mwisho wa lami.MGTOW this is the fate that awaits you btw in Kenya a man can not adopt a child even a boy coz government just can’t trust you. Dying alone is a real reality for men not women. But I digress so mubana wa fifte has been reduced to exchanges with people who could be his kids, Bahati, KRG the don and now Eve and her boyfriend. This is what life in MGTOW. Huna Bibi unafugwa na Shosho yet you are calling Sheila mwanyiga and Vivian Muli Mandarine you know none of them can touch you with a 10 foot pple. Kikwetu we don’t argue with elders but now ukiwachokoza. How long can this go on? Please Kibe you can do better. Hata kua political commentator like ABL and the officer called, Ben Shapiro. There’s so much more you can do than kushinda ukibishana na watu wa Rika ya watoi.




Right now based on kibes media following, he probably earns good cash

Truman kapoti, Kwani kibe ulikutoka baada ya kumwaga ndani.:D:D

Tombwaaaaaa sheeenzi Sana