Why date a broke woman..

That’s why I get so much from guys like you here coz you’re thot upgraded to a guy with a German machine as me.Bet that nigga was balls deep inside your chic hizo mavacay.Ugua pole pole

You’re absolutely right my brother.I left my broke ex for a rich bitch and have never regretted.for a minute

Braare peasant! Why date a woman who is und3r the beck and call of another man she calls “my boss”. She dresses for this man, spends ten hours with this man, breaks your date because this man wants to be with her etc… Bure kabisa. Alpha mbirrionaires date a jobless woman and given her a stipend of 30-50k a month

@ochithunder kuja jibu mashtaka. Evid001: German machine.

Tumeskia Community husband for widows and single mothers. Mambo zamabinti tuachie

“I can make a broke bitch rich… but I don’t fuck with broke bitches” - Chris Brown.

Ha ha ha, huyo sio mimi.