Why date a broke woman..

Guys, how do some of you even cope with
dating a broke girl?
I mean:
A girl who doesn’t have transport fare to
see someone who she claims she loves
every damn time.
A lady who can’t get you a birthday or a
Valentine’s day gift, but expects you to bring
down the world for her during hers.
Someone who can’t comfortably call you on
phone for 5mins. Always flashing and
complaining she doesn’t have airtime.
I mean how do you guys cope dating a lady
who thinks relationship is an occupation;
where she is supposed to be paid and taken
care of?
Even if it’s an occupation, what services is
she actually offering to be privileged to
receive such benefits?
Or is she a ghost worker?
(NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men)
How do some guys manage to date such
No wonder suicide and depression victims
are mostly men.
See guy, don’t ever date a broke girl no
matter how gorgeous you think she is. They
are serious liabilities.
Rather date a lady who adds something
beneficial to your life. Things like emotional
intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual
intelligence and other intelligence.
Date someone who’s capable of calming the
storm within your soul (an average man has
enough storms); and not someone who
adds stress to your life.
Forget that yehn yehn talk, don’t tolerate any
woman’s brokenness or stupidity just
because of her physical beauty.
There are actually a lot of extremely
gorgeous and beautiful ladies with common
So don’t ever think of settling for less
One thing I’ve realized about all these broke
girls is not that they don’t actually have
Most of them do; but it’s just that they’re
mentally broke, which is way way worse
than not having money.
Ladies please don’t be mentally broke.
Guys please don’t date mentally broke girls.Call me a broke guy i

Leta hekaya baba otherwise MEFFI

wewe ni fala sana. msichana kama hana pesa/kazi yake unatomba wiki mbili na kuingia mitini…sawa?

Guy is speaking facts… and you people should donate your brains to chickens they can utilise it better than you do

Truer words have never been spoken!

Burukenge sema hii upuuus umetoa mukuru kwa zukabaga…

Ukiiba una acknowledge source…

Guy is speaking facts… and you people should donate your brains to chickens they can utilise it better than you do

cant relate

Ju unaishi kwa mzazi

Watoto wa high school achana nao

Be original mboy, si poa copy - paste, kwanza from fb…
You need demotion mara that that

we kasumbuane na @under23

Shida ni akiamua atakutoanisha to the max before you hit the P.
Sasa hapo ndio wanaume huchoma negative

I once dated a broke chic, ile maneno niliona. Hadi nikaanza kushindwa kwani shida inakuwanga STD bana. Unakamua broke bitch unaanza kupata mashida hadi wewe. Anyways, nowadays ni kukamua tu madame wanajiweza sio hawa charity cases wa kuset standards na vitu hawawezi afford bila kununuliwa na wanaume.

Kama hana pesa kamua na upotee hio ni mali ya UMA


My Ally, Expert opinion, count your loses and move on.
I was dating this Luhya Chic from Kitale, she used to make surprise visit to my place when ever I send he a few coins for her daily errands(She used to board 9PM Northlift shuttle and would be at my doorstep at 6am, what a romantic visit, Immediately she take a hot shower,then we start acting porn,(whatever that means)
I was truly in love and we even had a 5 years Strategic Masterplan (Which entailed where we are coming from, where we are now and where we see our self in 5 years)
The First time this lady visited me she was not well conversant with Nairobi City,I would take her around and show her Iconic Buildings to avoid getting lost, being a quick learner she grasped in a few visit

For 1.5 years she did not have a job, she was “desperate” to an extent she had applied for a post graduate diploma at KU(She could not qualify for a master) and the plan was to reside at my place,she be commuting to school,I was okay with that.

It started raining immediately he was organized a job at KNBS,I helped her get all the chapter 6 requirements she was green in this matter, I spent over 12k and my precious energy at time,Note I had trusted her with my ATMs she did not misbehave though

Immediately she started Madharau and false flimsy accusations about me na niliachwa hivyo, My boys would send me photos of her commuting & slaying all the 47 counties with flashy captions,I had blocked her in all my social media.

He would tell my boy how she is dating a guy driving a Germany Machine & she regret the 2 years she wasted with a poor Engineer (Her words) and attach photos, when they are in 5-star hotel swimming and inside the Germany Machine

After a few months, she started texting me ooh am sorry,kindly lets build up etc etc, I only retrieved the screeenshots of the conversation between her and my close allay and sent to her.
After the knock out she has never gotten back to me,am greatful nilijua mapema

Rich ladies watataka kukukalia kichwa so better a broke one mwenye I provide everything. Nikikohoa ananiuliza umeniita beb…

Madem wengine hukuwa wajinga sana. Anakuonyesha madharau over some nigga who just wants to smash and go alafu akishakamuliwa na kuachwa ndio anarudi akiwa amenyenyekea. And the bitch will expect you to forgive everything and take her back. Hii entitlement sijui walitoa wapi