Why Christianity,muslim

Why did we abandon our gods and decided the white man God is the true god? Why did we abandon our way of worship and chose the white man style. What if the Buddhists were the first to spread their religion in Africa does it mean we would all be Buddhists? When did the white man chose to abandon s’thing of theirs in favor of African way?? We give these guys too much credit.


In all fairness to mbeberu…they did most of these things to fellow whites as well…

They are not very good people. They made us abandon everything we knew (culture,religion,moral ethics, language, our way of expressing ourselves, totally everything). Then they come and try to persuade us they have our best interests at heart. They are bad people infactvam using their language t condemn them here lol. Thank God the maa people decided to stick to their culture to date.

Yawn… not again.
Christianity and even Islam are not ‘white God’ religions. If you wanna pin your bitterness on a region, blame the Middle East & forego the inferiority complex.

My ancestors worshiped facing Kirinyaga and I believe they had a clean conscience in doing it. Of I choose to be religious in this age, then that’s up to me; whether I choose Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha or face Kirinyaga.

facing Mt Kenya is garbage God doesn’t live there he lives in heaven

My exact point but hujanyita

Very short sighted thinking. Who is the ‘white’ man? Learn history

heard someone saying tht there is no christianity there is only adventism we are all waiting fr the second coming of jesus i dnt know your take on this guyz…

Which second coming my friend?? Is there even a Jesus?? What if we had not heard of Christianity ever you mean we would all perish. I believe there is a God izo vitu zingine naaaah just people’s imagination me thinks in could be wrong though.


No inferiority complex here just open minded thoughts to begin with why did you/we abandon worshipping facing Kirinyaga?

Jesus was an actual human being who was born in Bethlehem. There are very few people who dispute his existence

We found better things to do

Some still do. Religion, just like sexuality is a personal choice that is highly influenced by the environment. No one is forced so hakuna haja ya kuingilia wengine. By the way, I am a Christian but I respect all

Not God in human form?

lakini nyinyi mnajua tu ukweli kuna mungu but you just lash out and act all stupid just so you can initiate a fucked up conversation…

Mungu mgani boss? Who has ever seen him/her? god and bible story are fiction stories just like Disney stories!!


I don’t remember the bible verse clearly .The one that says that fools say there is no GOD

Then I would strongly urge you to go and read the bible that man wrote and come back we talk more about it.

We need to separate what white people did to black people from religion. About religion, take it or leave it - it’s voluntary. About slavery, it was impunity and should be dealt with appropriately. That was criminal!