Why Christianity is important.

Mimi I am an avowed atheist, but I really really really thank our British overlords for introducing Christianity to Kenya and to Negros. Imagine a combination of being a #bad manager and religious extremism? Powder keg.

Christianity is not perfect but huwezi pata Christian bonobos activating their jungle softwares because sijui a mythical figure ametusiwa or a shameless p3do amechorwa.


only if they spent that much energy on improving their environment…

Hii story ya Bad Manager ulikubaliana nayo kapsaa. Lakini ni kweli.

Christianity went through a worse stage. Maybe you don’t take time out to read in general, or you were born the other day. The terrorism in Ireland that ended in the early 1990s should be common knowledge by now because it is the most recent case of religious fanaticism.

You must be @Ndindu’s protege. Weak, impressionable and defeatist. Do you have anything scholarly and unbiased to prove this?

crusades ?
the 30 years war ?
inquisitions ?
suppression of Catharism ?
justification of slavery ?

Low IQ nansenz. Northern Ireland conflict was a political, not a religious issue.

I have no expectation from you towards your understanding of what that war constituted…

Sasa tuambie why atheism is important. Hio ndio hatujui.

The ongoing war in Ukraine also has religious overtones. Russia represents the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire which upholds the Eastern Orthodox rite. The European Union thinks its the successor of the Western Roman Empire which in terms of religion espouses Roman Catholicism, Western Orthodox Rite and Protestantism. If you go to Kyiv and ask for directions to an Eastern church you gonna get lynched. West and East have been at war for centuries. Take for example the Crimean War 1853-1856 was about Catholic France and Anglican English frustrating Russian efforts to re-establish its Eastern Church as the custodian of holy sites in the middle east by taking advantage of the decay of the muslim Ottoman Empire. Its the Ottomans that had run the Byzantines out of the holy land. Imagine vinyangalika English and France came to fight in support of the Ottomans! This gave them leeway to later take over middle east and shite a meff mountain there. “Christians” especially the white ones ndo watachoma dunia.

There’s no protection for atheists or polytheists in an Islamic caliphate. There are only two options for them, you either convert to Islam or die. Do you think the people in this video, at least some of them, have any say in this matter? Islam has spread throughout the world only by intimidation tactics. When Muhammad tried to recruit new followers in Medina, no one believed him because Islam has no merit on its own. So he resorted to violence in order to gain followers. Then once you join Islam you cannot leave, courtesy of apostasy rules. Muhammad said that anyone who tries to leave Islam must die. I am also very grateful for the Christian missionaries. Pakistan is a hell hole!

You are an idiot when you get out of your specialization. Just stick to medicine. While Christians were butchering each other and carrying out pogroms for centuries in Europe, Christians and other religious minorities were living together peacefully in the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate. I won’t even go into detail about the conduct of Caliph Umar & saladin when they invaded Jerusalem versus the conduct of the Crusaders and joos

Wacha tubaki na Mugumo tree na hatusumbui ndugu zetu waiabudu.

Christianity and Islam also removed some primitive gruesome religions. Africa pia haingekosa dini similar.
Imagine hizo religion za wakina Moloch. Infant anatupwa live kwa moto as sacrifice.