Why China is the future

China’s economy is growing fast and most of its cities is exploding in terms of economic growth and well planned urbanization. Most of the people used to say China is destroying the forest but as of now China is the leading country in the world in afforestation. They have managed to stop desertification and increase their forest cover from 12% to 24%. Others would claim the demand for democracy might bring China down, but i can assure you by the time people start demanding democracy they will be well educated and they won’t be stupid to vote in bad leaders and bring down their country. Democracy worka will with an enlightened and educated populace. The direction Rwanda is following is similar to China’s one. The similarity among the two countries is they have focused benovelent dictators Paul Kagame and Xi Jinping. China is the tommorow of the world and Rwanda is the tommorow of Africa… Let them lead

China is a communist state not a dictatorship, Xi jinping is a member of a party called CPC that has 90 million members and
controls the government, the true leaders of china are the heads of cpc (communist party of China) .Xi Jinping like past China leaders since 1949 was picked from a talented pool of groomed future leaders, the Chinese don’t give a damn about democracy because they’ve found a system that works for them

Kagame controls the government of Rwanda he controls everything the party the people the media when he leaves we’ll see what happens.

Name one country that has a system like Rwanda and is considered developed or even newly industrialized?

The West who controlled global media for decades lied to the world so much that there are tribes of native people who really believe wazungus are God. But the wazungu shot themselves in the foot when they shared the internet technology with the world. Without the internet I probably would have never heard of Dr Amos Wilson, Dr Frances Cress Welsing, John Henrik Clarke and others. Proud black men and women who puncture the white supremacy myth with a few sentences.
China is not the future because Africa is the future. China will topple the West and then Africa will have risen to the position to go to the top.