Why Can't We Simplify Things Like TZ

Kama ingekuwa kenya some goat would already be in court to “get a clarification” whether the wording applies to a female. We have the most bloated legal system where we churn out legal degrees like water. So many worthless lawyers who have had to go back to school and waste more money on another degree


Tanzanians are not very good in English. We understand they don’t know that the pronoun ‘he’ only applies to male gender and should be stroked with the female pronoun she in such a statement

If it was in Kenya, a scrupulous lawyer will go to court and disqualify a potential female president because of that legal technicality - lack of proper constitutional address “he/she”.

Using a lot of “he” in that article.

Toa ujinga hapa. In legal documentation, the masculine pronoun is used to denote both genders. Challenge me.

We (Kenyans) are worse at Kiswahili than Tanzania is at English.

Would you ever read our constitution, fasiri ya kiswahili, and make such assessment about any clause in there ati “Wakenya hawajui Kiswahili kwa hivyo maana ya kifungu hiki ni tofauti na kusudi”?

You wouldn’t because you know that’s not how these documents are produced. Experts are consulted and all translations are edited and revised severally. But because of your misplaced superiority complex there you go !

Kenyans need to stop behaving like they invented English and feeling superior to Tanzanians just because they official language is African.

Nonsense. The he/she is a waste of time

We need to change the medium of instruction in our schools

We don’t have to. English is working just fine. But we should stop behaving like being monolingual is a flex. We also need to stop treating Kiswahili like a shameful thing.

There’s actually plenty of opportunity for Kiswahili specialists if we decided to treat it as a co-equal national language. Jobs. Books and films to be sold. Strengthening of a our national identity.

You live in a hole son. The world has really changed

English medium of instruction is NOT working fine. You need to take some time to study the Kenyan education sytem. English medium has failed. Failed badly. For folks like you who probably take your children to Academies where english is taught at the expense of EVERYTHING else, you may not understand what the problem is.

Futhermore, Kenyans are not monolingual. We are half baked in all languages. We Can’t write/Read swahili and we can’t speak English. We can’t even speak Proper mother toungue without mixing plenty of English/Swahili words. We can’t write properly in our mother tougue. Do you know what a niple is in Swahili? Your Mother tougue?

I’m a product of public education. From one of those ASAL districts where GoK pretends we don’t exist. Trust me, English is not the problem.

Has it ever occured to you that Africa is the ONLY continent where majority of the Children are taught in a language that they don’t understand? The problem is that you look at yourself instead of looking at statistics. Just because you did well doesn’t mean that 90% of your classmates did well.

Unless you’re also recommending we break up Kenya into 50 new countries so that everyone can use the language they were born speaking your idea of dropping english won’t work. You have to remember that Kiswahili is not native to 98% of Kenyans either.

Where is 50 new countries coming from? I am asking for efficiency. No need to pull arguments into illogical conclusions. Kenya, unlike many African countries, has got a lingua franca that is easily understood by many. Secondly, just because we have 47 counties doesn,t mean that we need 50 languages. Kiambu, Muranga, Nyandarua, Kirinyaga et al are all counties but have one dominant language. Homa bay, Siaya, Kisumu have one dominant language. Machakos, Makueni, Kitui have one dominant language. Ditto Kericho, Bomet, Nandi; Mandera, Waji,r Garissa.

As you can see, you went through English medium education but you can’t see such an obvious point. English medium prevents people from THINKING. It teaches people rote memorization. In your mind, County = Tribe. This is because the mind works with the path of least resistance, and nothing makes this habit as strong as Englih medium. You probably think that Kenya has 43 tribes - A product of English medium memorization education.

That’s such a ridiculous thing to say I don’t even know how to answer you.

Are you suggesting that there’s a correlation between using English and lack of critical thinking skills ?

You schooled in a polling centre??. How sad

Most polling centers are in public schools so you’re correct ata kama ujinga ulikuwa umekwambia uko na point.

Yes. There is a correlation between Lack of Critical Thinking and Using an unfamiliar medium of instruction.

I’ll give you an example. A common line in class 4 science textbooks is this:

Photosynthesis is the PROCESS through which plants make their own food.

So, at what point of a child’s learning is he taught the meaning of the word Process? Grade three? Nope. The first time that a child encounters that word is in grade 4. Since the child doesn’t understand process, he ends up memorizing the definition of photosynthesis without understanding anything.

Maybe you should look at a Subject that was taught in Tanzania during the one party state. It was Known as SIASA. It was the only non-Language subject that was taught in Swahili in High School. However, when multiparty came in, the subject was changed to Civics.

I have three questions for you:

Why do you think Siasa was changed to Civics? What was the Effect in Classroom participation?
Why do you think that most non-African countries invest resources in teaching children in their own language?
Do you know that English is a difficult language to learn to read comapred with Swahili or Korean?