Why can't this place be a nice place to be

We should stop discussing politics

It makes everyone uncomfortable

Too much intolerance and ethnic insensitivity.

It’s not good for us

We have politics everywhere in our lives, can’t we just make this place devoid of this low IQ shit? Our nice little escape of some sorts

Rudi kwenu zoomali shiet

Wariahe pana sumbua sisi … we are politics and politics is us

This place (forum) is becoming uninhabitable.

Politics is like oxygen in Kenya. We can’t avoid it even on ktalk

huyu jamaa is the most racist villager …he calls africans bonobos and other unprintable things… brukhengeh kabisa

I have never called anyone a bonobo. Not in my choice of words

Pesa pombe siasa na wanawakee…

Enda somalispot ghaseer

maragoli mjinga kuna different sections

Ukipata thread imekubore, just unleash a proper somali spit and leave.

This place is shit hole because of ppl like who have multiple handles…

I agree with this fool… I dont think discussing politics hutusaidia in any way… Vile wakenya huongelelea politics I find it very archaic… Enzi za Mau Mau ndio tungefaa kuongelelea politics… Mimi ata baze naskiaga nimekatsika sana saai ile jamaa zinaongelelea politics… Naskiaga uncomfortable ata natoka hapo… It has been months since niingie hio News and Politics forum

Taliban niliwaambia when in Kenya you stay low. Just do your thing without engaging us politically.

If I live in an zoomalia I would never say anything political if the hosts are nice to me and they interfering with my day to day life. I would just mind my business. That’s the secret of surviving in foreign lands.

hio turnaround mi mwenda considering how tits were flaring and panties were knoted last week yote…


you cannot avoid the discussion on politics in Kenya. It will somehow still find you

That’s why we have different categories for different discussions. So you can always ignore the political posts, if they’re not your cup of tea.

Ha, while on this thread, I am tempted to share…I was in a global social event last night on zoom, with mostly guests from the West. In our breakout room, we had a very unusual guest. He was Somali living in Somalia but claimed to be an Arab as usual.

During the intros, a black lady introduced herself and said she came from the UK. The Somali guy asked her what her origins were. She replied and said that she was born and raised in London. The Somali guy was not having it. He insisted on knowing her place of origin. She stuck to London, but asked him if he meant her heritage. He said “No”, and that she could not possibly say that she’s a Londoner…She told him that if he referred to her ancestors, then that was a different question, but he asked where she was from. The somali guy was still not having it. The lady was starting to get irritated obviously, but luckily our room was disbanded before the two got out into a fight.

I’d really have loved to see ending