Why cant ladies put their own shit together....

Mawe zilushwe sasa

Coz shit is hard to be put together

Ungelushwa chooni

Your post needs a preamble, acknowledgement, preface and a few chapters.

Niaje shoga mkuu?

We pop human beings from our vaginas. That’s enough shit to handle for a century… So handle your putting our shit together for us with grace. We have enough to worry about.

Huku haturushi mawe, utakula copper ya settings…shens

I have a feeling you have been waiting to shove this response at someone :D:D:D

Brare ferking siet jigranny

but you’re a man. how do you have a vagina? and a womb? and a uterus?.. but maybe ni juu uko na umama

yet we are forced to handle you after all that

constipation my fren,that shit’s drier than catching slices with no foreplay.cant put it together son

Hii mawe ISHALUSHWA. I have a feeling that this @Checobix has no idea what has happened here courtrsy of @Despotic_megalomaniac

coz its our own shit and we can either eat it or have the dogs do the necessary…kumb…

Hi babes. Umeonekana aje hizi streets?

hi sugar…hahahah…i peep once in a while…hows you hun!!

Never been better. Kukumiss tu. How is our boy?

am very much around…boy? man …njahi and kachai this year!!!

Good for him…msalimie sana.

. You have no idea