Why can't Arab countries accept Palestinian refugees? find out from an Arab


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Analysis ya upus kama ya ndii

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Stupid argument…it’s actually zionist propaganda. Why should Palestinians go to Arab countries when they have their own land. Ukitaka kujua ni ukora uliza mbona Israel won’t allow back Palestinian refugees displaced after it’s war with Arab neighbors.


Gayman uko na IQ ya mende.

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Halafu, those jews, why didnt europe offer them refuge status after the war? Why did britain engineer their movement from europe to middle east? Why didnt they move them from the slaughters in germany and eastern europe to britain and scotland and scandinavia and greenland? And so on.

Analysis zengine ni za ujinga tupu.

@mlipuayote :
The reason why No Arab state is willing to host Palestinian Refugees ( even on a temporary basis ) is due to the sad history of their presence in Egypt , Jordan and Lebanon.

They are a very porous community and easily swayed by extremist elements …

  • During their short stay in Egypt , they became a fertile recruiting ground for the Iranian funded Shiite Moslem Brotherhood.
    President Hosni Mubarak cracked down hard on them but a splinter group , HAMAS , found its way into GAZA and the rest is history.
    Currently , President Sisi keeps a sharp eye on them and both the CIA and MOSSAD tip him off whenever they try to cook up anything.

  • In Jordan , King Hussein (RIP) welcomed a huge influx after the 1967 Six Day War but soon came to regret that choice. It was the same story with Iran recruiting Suicide Bombers and attempting cross border attacks on Israeli West Bank Settlements . Matters reached boiling point with several assasination attempts on King Hussein which were foiled by MOSSAD . After an attempted uprising to overthrow the King , he finally took action , imprisoning a huge humber and expelling the rest .
    The Jordanian Intelligence Service , CIA and MOSSAD maintain a close working relationship to this day even with King Abdallah.
    His wife , Queen Rania Al Abdullah is of Palestinian descent.
    Her father was from Tulkarm and her mother from Nablus in the West Bank.
    She was born and raised in Kuwait.

  • In Lebanon , the situation is far worse and very complex.
    Lebanon has a population of 5.2 Million , 300K Palestinian Refugees and approximately 100,000 Hezbollah combatants funded and directed by Iran.
    Hezbollah form the majority Coalition of 70 Seats in the 128 Seat Lebanese Parliament.


In short , Hezbollah calls all the shots in Lebanon.


Why are more than 2m Somalis refugees in Kenya yet they have a big country they can fit in. What about South Sudanese? More than 3m in Kenya, they curved out their land which is more oil productive than Sudan itself.

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The big problem is a lack of a proper Palestinian Peoples Leadership and voice.
Since the death of Yassir Arafat , Palestinians lack a serious , visionary , unifying leadership …
So HAMAS jumped into the vaccum.

A Two State Solution has been on the table since the Oslo Accords…
It is HAMAS , Hezbollah ( and Iran in the background ) opposed to such a solution because it will make them redundant overnight.

Somali and Sudanese Refugees in Kenya have simply taken advantage of the sloth , corruption , inneficiency and lack of a coherent Refugee Policy.

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Mimi what I know is that I cannot waste my time getting my infor fron nyeuthi who purport to be more jew than the jews themselves. No matter how colourful and sly their analyses are.

Why should I when I can listen to an authentic jew mwenyewe?

Relocating the occupied legitimises the occupiers. Genocide and ethnic cleansing is hence authorised.

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Your knowledge of History and its realities is rather suspect …

A very simple question that will not strain your limited thought capacity …

WHY do you think that when Slavery “Officially” ended in 1883 , Freed Slaves were returned voluntarily to various West African locations …???

Also note …
Jews Worldwide have a very strong bond and reverence for the Holy Land and Jerusalem …
Just as Moslems have for Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia … :blush:

Somalis or Sudanese can go back to their respective countries at any time they want to. Do you think displaced Palestinians are just moving back to their lands any time they want to? Big difference.

Why are they not comfortably going back after 30 years of being hosted here in Dadaab tents, yet they can easily go to their homeland and rebuild? They will fight you if you dare mention resettlement to their home.

Unafikiria camel herder kutoka mandera can just wake up and relocate to medina no matter how much reverance they have to the faith. Most of those settlers are Europeans just d

Ni kama hutaki kuelewa. If a Sudanese in Dadaab decides by HIMSELF anataka kurudi Sudan will he turned away by the Sudanese govt? In comparison if a Palestinian refugee in Jordan decides by HIMSELF anataka kurudi to his land will he be turned away by Israelis?

You well know that even the UN has successfully repatriated Sudanese and Somali refugees voluntarily from Eldoret and Dadaab Camps.

Nations are under international obligation to accept their nationals back.

An Two State Solution is still on the table for Jews and Palestinian Arabs.
Israel is committed to that arrangement.

The problem is Iran ( and it’s proxy Mercenaries HAMAS and Hezbollah ) and a weak , corrupt Palestinian Peoples Authority that opened the back door and allowed the Terrorists to establish themselves in their backyard.

Most nations make it clear to individuals given refuge that it is NOT and entitlement to Citizenship.

It is simply to facilitate a safe stay until the situation improves in their homeland …

This was the understanding that Palestinian Refugees were given in Jordan , Egypt , Qatar and Lebanon.

Then in came Iran and it’s Terrorist Mercenaries to spread extremist Shiite nonsense and try to establish a Middle Eastern Caliphate…

If Iran is so concerned about the fate of Palestinians …
Why don’t they do what Egypt , Jordan , Qatar and Lebanon have done in hosting Refugees …???

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Israel wanataka Kufukuza kila mtu Gaza ndio Israeli settlers wachukue hiyo land.
Palestinians wakae ngumu hapo Gaza. Wakatae kutoka.

Dont give up your land.
Dont go live somewhere else as a refugee. You will be miserable for the rest of your life. You cant work or go to school or do anything juu hauna makaratasi.

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They are not

They signed the Oslo Accords and shook hands on it … :blush:

All Israelis vacated Gaza in 2005 …
Check your Facts … :blush:

Badala ya ku argue emotionally, Read and understand civics and geopolitics. Then come argue international relations. Otherwise we cannot work on your feelings and support whatever you think should take place. You’re an adult, by now you should know you can’t always get what you want.