Why can't apes grow food?


Because #NIABM

…But a good servant

@girlciki93 is @Ndindu

Manyoko…Msenge wewe…Umeshikishwa ugonjwa na Shosho Wa Joka @Kapotee uanze kuita waafrica (who you are) Apes?
Ata haya Huna.
At least for her, she is sick in the head…wewe ni peer pressure inakusumbua unaanzakuitana Ape. Khasia wewe… Bottom Feeder Chieth. Donkey Anus wewe

Small scale farming which cannot feed the whole population,no serious investment by govt in food security.Fertile land being sub-divided to build real estate

Knowledge. The average small scale african farmer of today owns no single book about improving yields, attends no agricultural shows, and doesn’t know how to google anything.

Africans are cursed low IQ bonobos