Why can't African presidents face press conference just like US presidents. Ruto had already given questions before.

You like when a journalist throws a question to Donald Trump. Obviously Ruto was given those questions a day before.

Even American presidents are given questions beforehand.

He tried to sell the lies and followed it up by making sure the media houses gave detailed bulletin of his presser.
But it seems like Kenyans are too pte-occupied by the hardships of live to care.
They want results not more promises!

what is the obsession with aping the west ? Pressers for presidents, presidential debate etc
Kibaki never did those, ilikuwa kazi tu…[SIZE=2]apart from declaring his wife[/SIZE]

but this guy seems too old to vie for a second term


Do not waste time telling Kenyans what you will do for them …

JUST DO IT … !!!